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Do you or your customers have payment processing problems? Keeping the customer happy is the key to boosting business!

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At Focus, we take the hassle out of making simple, safe and secure transactions with our easy and convenient Link Pay + solution. And it’s cost effective too!

Focus presents ‘Link Pay +’ – the latest, up-to-date and convenient way for customers to make quick and secure payments using any device and any channel – it couldn’t be simpler!

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We help businesses comply!

At Focus, we understand protecting card holder information is one of the biggest concerns for both consumers and organisations alike with regards to fraud and data breaches. Not anymore; through Link Pay + technology we offer:

Guaranteed security

Sensitive data is not exposed

Quick and easy payments

Customer experiences are enhanced

No service or rental charges

Pay for what you use

Easy set up

No equipment or software needed

How it works...

Payments are made using any channel (email, web chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc) with live agents or automated bots available to provide support as necessary. This negates the need for users to supply their credit card details via unsecure apps not designed for this purpose or verbally communicating them to agents – all of which pose huge security threats.

Customer is engaged with your staff and needs to make a secure payment

Staff team member generates a link and sends to customer using preferred channel

Customer opens link, enters card details and submits them

Agent sees progress in real-time so customer is supported

Transaction completed!

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Link Pay + is not only a hassle-free platform of choice, streamlining the consumer transaction process; it is also PCI DSS compliant, which guarantees a lower risk of fraudulent activity, safeguarding a business’s revenue and reputation!

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