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Managing repetitive tasks can be a time-consuming process, but with Focus Groups’ sector leading clinical integration solution; Contact Assist, you can remain laser focused on building and maintaining meaningful patient relationships, without the complications of poor user interfaces causing inefficiencies. By linking your telephony & clinical system with Contact Assist, your care navigators can see critical patient information in real-time, prioritise key patient data and improve overall reception efficiency with a cost effective solution that delivers an impressive return on investment.

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Benefits of integrating Contact Assist

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Update records in real-time

Contact Assist captures telephone numbers, generates records and stores notes for a quick and easy experience that allows you to focus on the patient and their needs.

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Quickly identify patients

Speed up caller verification using Contact Assist inbuilt caller ID panel with the capacity to pull multiple patients linked to one address for ease.

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Meet healthcare targets

Highlight patients with long-term conditions to fast-track vulnerable patients’ care, improve patient outcomes and support practice goals.

Features of Contact Assist

Key platforms connected

The Contact Assist integration app links your telephony and patient management system to speed up patient verification, improve patient services and assist with trackable metrics.

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Accurate contact data

By integrating with all main NHS clinical systems, Contact Assist recognises both known and unknown patient phone numbers when they call and helps the call handler to update records where needed. Patient contact details are always up to date leading to improved performance of short message service (SMS) platforms, fewer DNA’s, and increased responses to campaign messages.

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Intuitive tools

Designed to bring the best of technology and creativity together, this fully functional SaaS solution combines big ideas and real solutions to put your managers, receptionists and clinical staff in the position to make real and lasting changes to your patients’ lives.

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Frequently asked questions

Contact Assist is an app that links your phone system with all main NHS clinical systems giving call handlers a live view of who is calling before they have spoken to a patient & providing key information to make the call quicker and more effective.

Contact Assist reduces the time taken to process calls by providing all identification info instantly in a clean and efficient popup. The system also improves patient care with key notes for each patient to support the call handler in handling their unique requirements. Contact Assist also has a campaign manager element to support call handlers in achieving improved QOF / contract results.

Contact Assist is designed with a flexible integration method that supports most popular phone systems in use within the NHS and all systems on the NHS framework.

Contact Assist integrates with all main NHS clinical systems in use within the UK.

Contact Assist is manufactured to NHS clinical safety standard DCB0129, and also forms part of solutions approved for sale under the NHS advanced cloud telephony framework.

Yes, please contact our channel team who will be happy to discuss our dealer program.

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