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Customer engagement is key to a growing business. If your customers are happy, they will come back to you time and time again, which means your bottom line will benefit too.

Forward-thinking and ambitious businesses are turning to Five Nine Contact Centre to revolutionise their customer engagement using the very latest in contact centre AI, automation, and CX cloud technology.

Call centre AI is at the heart of contact centre as a service (CCaaS). Our aim is to turn your businesses into centres of customer service excellence with the right tools at your fingertips to give you an edge over your competitors.

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Benefits of Five9 CCaaS solutions

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AI intelligence

Five9 uses artificial intelligence to give you a personalised contact centre solution that will help you exceed the CX efforts of your competitors, while also keeping your agents motivated. Five9 will well and truly put you in a leading position when it comes to digital transformation while creating a strong customer experience - It’s a win-win!

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Improved CX platform

Whether you’re in need of an outbound or inbound contact centre service (or a blend of the two), Five9 has the lot. Focus Group will help you work out what you need and suggest several solutions including calls, chat, email, social media, text or videos to best suit your customers’ expectations.

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Scalable solution

As a contact centre as a service (CCaaS) solution, Five9 is infinitely scalable to provide your business with a global call centre should you need one! As a cloud service, Five9 allows you to escape the limitations of an on-premise solution with the ability to quickly add new agents with the purchase of an additional CCaaS cloud licence.

Intelligent customer experience platform

CCaaS cloud

By embracing Five9, your team becomes effortlessly accessible, irrespective of their location. This enhances your business agility, ensuring a prompt and effective response to your customer's requirements. Notably, opting for Five9 allows your IT team to reclaim valuable time and resources as they are freed from the burden of managing upgrades and integrations. This shift towards a cloud-based CCaaS model not only elevates your customer service capabilities but also streamlines your internal processes, fostering a more efficient and responsive business environment.

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AI customer experience software

Five9 uses artificial intelligence and automation to support your customer communications and improve your agents’ productivity. Where agents have previously been slowed down by repetitive customer queries, an intelligent virtual agent can take over, leaving your live agents free to deal with more testing (and interesting) queries!

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Collaborative intelligence

The more you use AI, the better it gets! Five9’s intelligence software continues to learn as you onboard until it becomes the customer experience platform you couldn’t live without. Your agents will benefit from working side by virtual side with intelligent virtual agents to propel your contact centre service to new levels.

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Fully customisable

Every enterprise contact centre is different, so the contact centre specialists at Focus Group will get to know your business and design the best bespoke solution for your needs. We use our CX platform and AI call centre expertise to support your team every step of the way before and after the go-live date.

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Frequently asked questions

Five9 contact centre software is a cloud service that brings together all the elements’ businesses like yours need to connect with customers using the channels of your choice, allowing your agents to respond quickly and intelligently.

CCaaS is the acronym for Contact Centre as a Service. Contact centres link to telephone systems that help call centre agents engage in more meaningful conversations with customers. With its cloud-based infrastructure and AI/automation at its core, CCaaS software has transformed the global contact centre model.

CCaaS gives your agents and your customers the freedom to choose the way they interact with your business. Previously limited to phone conversations, businesses with Five9 can now choose to use email, instant message, text, live chat, social media and video as a preferred communication method with your business. CCaaS intelligently routes these interactions to the most appropriate agent according to your business rules.

Customer experience software as a service, or CX SaaS, is another term for CCaaS. It blends all the tools contact centre agents need into one easy-access, cloud-hosted package to inform and ignite meaningful customer interactions.

Traditional on-premise contact centre solutions can be limiting and do not allow agents to benefit from the constant and seamless feature updates seen at cloud level. Businesses with CCaaS will only pay for what is needed but can also flex up as the business grows. With leading global call centres using CCaaS, many more are sure to follow.

The UC in UCaaS stands for unified communications whereby users can access their calls, video meetings, chat, screen and file sharing from one app, such as Microsoft Teams. CCaaS does use these communication channels but they are linked with databases and routing plans to deliver an intelligent call centre experience.

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Focus Group worked hand in hand with WaterAid UK to integrate Microsoft Teams and Clarify compliance call recording.

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Focus Group planned and deployed a new WAN to enable the migration of a global retail commerce platform to the public cloud.

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