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An intuitive connectivity and telephony solution for the bespoke, Brighton-based RING jewellers, which maximised performance, improved day-to-day activities and increased CCTV security.

About RING Jewellers limited

Based in the bustling, winding streets of The Lanes in Brighton, RING jewellers specialises in bespoke jewellery design that celebrates and encapsulates those special moments in life. Whether it’s a Diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, or a special gift, RING jewellers can design and make you a custom piece of jewellery that will be treasured for years to come.

With transparency at the centre of its business and over 100 years of jewellery expertise between its team, RING jewellers work alongside their customers to create unique, quality pieces specifically tailored to the moment.

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The challenge

Inside of Ring Jewellers shop

At the heart of the South Lanes lies a warren of narrow, twisting alleyways in which RING jewellers reside.

However, Brighton is notorious for having troublesome internet. For many years, shops have suffered from poor broadband, struggling to undertake everyday tasks such as taking card payments or maintaining CCTV virtually.

As a result, RING jewellers have been using 4G, which would drop during peak hours, leaving them with less than 1mbps of data to run business-critical operations.

The solution

It was essential that RING jewellers had a digital infrastructure that could handle high traffic volumes while remaining accessible to customers.

As an exclusive partner of Faster Britain’s Brighton business fibre broadband roll-out, our connectivity specialists can enable local businesses with ultra-fast, robust and future-proofed solutions for those in need of a boost.

With decades of experience providing connectivity solutions, we were perfectly placed to deliver reliable, robust and scalable broadband services for RING jewellers.

Full fibre is one solidified solution that can ensure a business is running on all cylinders and always connected. Through our resilient and future-ready fibre broadband connectivity solution, powered by Fibre light and Horizon, we could guarantee RING jewellers secure speeds of up to 100mbps.

Our connectivity specialists developed a solution that allowed RING jewellers to grow and thrive with an ultra-fast, robust and future-proofed solution for a Brighton business that only deserves the best.

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The results

“We have been looking for a supplier for many years to give us fibre within the Lanes, and we have struggled to find anyone that would give us a service. Focus Group introduced themselves and gave us a service that has exceeded our expectations.”

Stuart Stanley

Owner, RING jewellers

Focus Group has been able to introduce fibre optic internet for RING jewellers to support everyday tasks and improve the level of service all around.

From significantly increased customer experiences to enhanced external CCTV management, to taking card payments and an overall saving on communication through our VOIP phone systems, unifying communication suppliers, RING jewellers now has a robust network infrastructure that keeps day-to-day activities swift and seamless.

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