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Business relocation brings about many positives such as new starts, additional space, happier staff and a better commercial location. It is also the ideal time to take a long, hard look at what technologies you employ. Are they really working for you or is it time for a complete digital transformation to future-proof your organisation? Does your telephony serve you well? Is your connectivity top notch and reliable? Perhaps your security or energy provision could do with an overhaul? At this time of stress and challenges, we can help businesses of any size and sector make a smooth move…

Phone systems on a new business premises

When moving to a new business premises it is important to ensure your phone system capturing every call. With PSTN on its way out moving your telephony to the cloud will offer you a future proof upgrade on your new premises. The cloud offers feature-rich solutions that can take your collaboration to the next level. Take a look at what our business telecoms can do for you! From VoIP phone systems to Microsoft Teams, phone numbers and phone system maintenance – we’ll keep your phones quite literally ringing off the hook!

Many smaller firms are still operating using traditional, outdated telecoms that can be difficult to maintain and be an unnecessary drain on the budget. We offer cost-effective solutions for all!

Our portfolio includes:

  • VoIP phone systems – harnessing the power of the cloud, you’ll benefit not only from quality calls, but solutions that are scalable, quick and easy to set-up and packed full of features tailored to your business! From call recording to call analytics and enhancements, we can talk you through what you need now and in the future!

  • Focus Horizon VoIP phone system – a complete unified communications solutions, with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, which guarantee to take your business to the next level.

  • PhoneLine+ - the perfect fit for smaller firms looking to future-proof their telephony at a highly competitive cost! Answer your calls from any device and benefit from tonnes of call features.

  • Microsoft Teams – access your calls from any device! Organise a Microsoft 365 Business Voice license and you’re away, enjoying the benefits of powerful and flexible phone system that delivers the ultimate in collaboration.

In addition to these gamechangers, we can also offer business lines and calls, maintenance, telephone numbers and SIP trunking solutions.

Take a look at the full portfolio >

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Business continuity is vital when moving premises. Missed opportunities means missed revenue. But is your connectivity as fast as it could be? Does it drive optimum business performance and efficiency? Now could be the time to switch to superfast speeds and rock-solid reliability!

We offer:

  • Business broadband – push your productivity from ADSL, to broadband fibre, wireless business broadband and leased lines, you can reply on us for speed, service and security.

  • Phone broadband packages – save your business serious money with our high speed, high tech fibre optic network for optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Fibre broadband packages – the next level of connectivity, promising superfast speeds and unrivalled reliability.
  • SoGEA broadband - no more traditional phone lines, connect your business through the internet. Enjoy speeds of up to 80mbs and combine with Horizon or Phoneline+.

We also cover Passenger WiFi, mobile broadband packages, wireless leased lines and a great deal more!

See what we can do for you >

IT infrastructure relocation

Imagine a seamless move where the risk of losing communication is not even a consideration. Throughout your move, it is important to keep your business moving. When going through your IT infrastructure relocation you can set up temporary diverts for your phone system or project manage the whole business relocation. It is important to consider all aspects of moving business premises, we recommend creating floor plans and auditing your infrastructure in advance before making a move, that way everything has its place before you arrive, making for a seamless transition for your IT systems into a new office.

Is your IT infrastructure in need of an overhaul before you move?

We suggest considering:

  • IT support and services – helpdesks are there to support you 24/7, with regular maintenance untaken with no disruption to business.

  • Cloud computing – from cloud migration to hybrid cloud computing, enhanced security and private virtual server hosting.
  • Fibre broadband packages – the next level of connectivity, promising superfast speeds and unrivalled reliability.
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery – if things go wrong, you need a plan. Msure you have the backup needs should and IT disaster strike.

Our portfolio also includes cyber security, remote working solutions, remote employee monitoring and web listings.

Get the full lowdown >

Energy - things to consider when moving business premises

Things to consider when moving business premises is a great time to see if you can lower the cost of your energy bills – particularly with a cost of living crisis looming over homes and businesses alike! There’s no time like the present to negotiate the best contract for your utilities – but guess what?! Sit back and relax, we can do this for you!

Consider utilising:

  • Energy price comparison – a business will provide you with multiple options and tariffs, so you can find the cheapest option for your new premises. Focus Group have close relationships with leading energy suppliers who work with us to find prices and savings to make you happy! From gas to electricity to fixed, flexible, short-term or long term contracts, we’ll secure you the best prices and ensure your bills stay low, always.

  • Business water – water usage is a hot potato currently so there’s never been a better time to review your water charges and usage levels. Our experts will also help make the best recommendations to help reduce your consumption, making your business as water efficient as possible!

Our services don’t just stop there; from siteworks and connections to smart metering and renewable energy, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of business energy efficiency.

See how you can cut your energy costs >

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Defining your digital transformation strategy

The good news is that Focus Group has a dedicated team digital transformation of experts primed and ready to draw up the plans for your future business success! Connectivity and collaboration is our passion, so whatever size business or sector you operate in, we have the innovation and technology to deliver the ultimate in unified communication – all at a budget to suit!

Let’s talk TODAY to start your digital transformation journey!

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