Business phone system maintenance

Ensuring your lines of communication are open at all times is fundamental to the success of your business. And reliable connections, keeping you in touch with the outside world, are essential. Our team of telecoms engineers are here to keep your business phone system firing on all cylinders. By your side, 24-7.

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Business phone installations and maintenance

Your business phone system is in safe hands with Focus Group. Our UK-wide network of telecoms engineers and specialist technical teams have unrivalled industry experience and their expertise is second to none. If you find yourself cut off from customers, suppliers or data, we’ll have you back up and running in a jiffy, often working remotely to get you back online. Our first class telecoms team are not only equipped to install your new telecoms solution or diagnose and rectify faults with your phone system. We’re also here to provide ongoing technical support and maintenance services. As and when you need it, without breaking the bank!

Features of phone system maintenance

Business phone installation

Focus Group offer a comprehensive range of phone systems – including Mitel, LG, Samsung and Avaya. Our experienced team will take the time to get to know your business and install a revolutionary solution which flexes and grows with your evolving business and transforms the way you communicate.

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Business Phone Installation
Voip Installation

VoIP installation

Think an industry-leading, all-round telecoms platform will involve a costly investment in equipment and complex installation process? Think again! Our team of VoIP experts will get you up and running in no time. They’ll help you set up the system and show you how to configure it for your business and how manage it through the intuitive online portal.

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Business telephone system maintenance

Our telephone system maintenance services provide the reassure you need to keep your business operational, at all times. We understand the importance of communication so our UK-wide network of telecoms engineers are at your service. Ready to provide proactive and reliable support for your business phone system, whenever you need us.

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Business Telephone System Maintenance
Voip Phone System Maintenance

VoIP phone system maintenance

Ensuring business continuity and maintaining productivity is essential to business success. Our proactive maintenance services on VoIP phone systems make the difference. We’ll work to identify any potential service issues, and remedy the situation, before they have an impact on your frontline.

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Frequently asked questions

You can perform internal business phone system maintenance by:

  • Ensure you have a security protocol in place to protect your VoIP and on premise phone system
  • Schedule routine maintenance with your business phone system maintanence provider
  • Keep Your Phone System in Mind with Network Changes. Ensure your business IT support services are in direct communication with your phone system provider
  • Use cloud backup to backup your phone system settings before any upgrades or repairs are carried out
  • Replace any faulty handsets or cords when they are damaged

Our business phone system maintenance engineers are available to visit any region throughout the UK for business phone installation or VoIP installation and mainatenance services. Our team are on hand 24/7 to fix any faults and provide support where you need it.

We support and supply a wide range of business phone systems to suite your business needs. Our engineers will be on hand in no time at all to conduct your business phone installtion.

Businesses maintan phone through their telecommunications provider. Enigneers will maintain business phones by proactively monitoring phone lines and devices to pinpoint and resolve any issues. Support teams will be on hand to respond to call and emails to provide support.

Focus Group have offices throughout the UK that are available to install and maintain your business phone system. Our bussiness phone system installation and maintanence services are available 24 hours a day and can be contacted over the phone or by email to provide support or request new telecommuncations services.

Get proactive support that no only constantly monitors your phone system to provide consistent business phone maintenance. With enigneers on hand at all times for a quick and reliable response should any issues arise.

Customer stories

Carers First Logo

A VoIP business phone solution delivered by Focus Group now connects over 16,500 Carers First staff with their patients.

Veternairy Practice Logo
Veterinary Practice

Practices across the group needed a bullet-proof communication system to deliver the highest quality care.

Motorline Logo

Motorline approached Focus Group to simplify its complex setup of telecoms suppliers, with a view to unify communications.

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