Published - 06 October 2021, UK

Cyber defence: shield from Christmas cyber attacks in 2021

Improve your cyber defence this festive period. Here are our four key steps to ensuring you are protected from Christmas cyber attacks with the help of cyber security awareness testing and training for employees.

Sonia Older

By Sonia Older
Campaign Executive

Toughen your cyber defence

‘Tis the season to be cyber aware! Cybercrime continues to be one of the biggest risks to businesses and the festive season brings a chilly rise in the number of cyber-attacks, with a sharp increase in time and money spent online. Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and as your employees turn to Christmas shopping, now’s the time to take action to avoid your business falling victim to cyber-crime and toughen your cyber defence.

Employees continue to pose the largest cyber risk. Cybint now report that an alarming 95% of data breaches are a result of human error. Whilst technology certainly plays a part in protecting against phishing emails, malware and ransomware, it isn’t fool proof. Attacks can still make their way through to staff members, so you’re relying on your team not to make a mistake and put security at risk.

Key steps to protect yourself from Christmas cyber attacks

So, how can we improve cybersecurity in the workplace? Here are four key steps to protect your business from Christmas cyber attacks.

Man on laptop with cyber security awareness on the screen

1. Security awareness training and phishing testing

This is by far been the most effective measure you can take to protect against the main cause of cyber-attacks and data breaches. With many employees now working remotely, or ‘hybrid working’, reliance on employee awareness has never been more critical.

By providing cyber security training and ongoing phishing testing, you can ensure your staff maintain vigilance and stay up to date with the latest threats. Ultimately, running a security awareness training program keeps cyber security front of mind and significantly improves cyber resilience. It is also most beneficial investment a company can make to tackle cybercrime and reduce the risk of experiencing a security incident, with the cost far lower than the potential cost of a data breach or ransomware attack.

Since time and resources are often in short supply, it’s well worth considering a fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) service to boost your cyber defence. Flexible, online and delivered to your timescales, the cyber security specialists at Focus Group will deploy a fully managed SATT service that works for your business. Leaving you free to focus on running your business, safely and securely.

2. Understand when and where threats arise with a managed security operations centre (SOC)

The concept of a security operations centre is still relatively new it provides a comprehensive answer to threat monitoring, detection and response. A managed SOC service will consolidate all your threat monitoring into a single platform, with 24/7 support available. Whilst it would be easy to assume these types of services are highly bespoke, expensive and only available to the largest enterprises…the good news is that this is simply not true.

Focus Group are now in a position to provide your business with the quality and features of an enterprise level SOC, for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s fully managed, so doesn’t rely on additional resource to support the platform internally. A managed security operations centre really should be viewed as an essential investment for any organisation that has multiple cloud services which require monitoring. And it’s now an accessible service for all, regardless of size or turnover.

3. Identify your vulnerabilities regularly and test the resilience of your cyber security posture

The first consideration in your security strategy should be the level of vulnerability to which your company is potentially exposed. In the past, a one-off scan and report would do the trick. However, with the speed of technological advances gathering pace, new cyber threats emerge daily and a one-off review no longer provides a plausible level of protection. Vulnerability assessments need to be run on a more regular basis to ensure that your systems and applications are constantly secure.

Man testing servers

Our cyber security specialists are here to help with on-demand Vulnerability Assessments that can be conducted at the touch of a button. We can run assessments on those systems that have been highlighted as high risk and provide regular updates on your progress to mitigate any of those specific areas of concern.

It’s also well worth considering Penetration Testing, to learn where your cyber resilience can be improved. Like Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests were once only necessary on a one-off basis. However, as threats evolve and new exploits are discovered, it can be difficult to know how secure your systems are unless tested on a more regular basis. A Penetration Test will highlight weaknesses and help you to understand how much damage could be done by an attacker at any single point in time.

Utilising the combined power of artificial intelligence and a team of over 1.500 experienced ethical hackers, our Penetration Testing services now operate continuously, at an unprecedented scale, providing comprehensive protection, around the clock. As a result, it has proven to provide four times higher ROI than traditional Penetration Testing, three times more time spent on targets than traditional Penetration Testing and a 20% reduction in failed patches due to patch verification processes.

4. Don’t let the dark web threaten your business

A simple search of your exposure will reveal what Dark Web data is available, so you can address the threat and implement changes to render the information useless to cyber criminals.

The Dark Web Monitoring service available with Focus Group can provide a full report on your company’s exposure on the Dark Web and our cyber specialists will work with you to neutralize the danger.

From this point, we’ll monitor your domain continuously and alert you if a breach occurs at any point. This ensures passwords and payment details can be changed before they are sold or used maliciously. Stopping scammers in their tracks!

If you need any support with your cyber defence this festive period call our cyber security consultants today on 0330 024 2007 or request a callback and we’ll give you a call.