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Our complete guide to building an enterprise network

The modern workplace continues to change at an incredibly rapid pace with technology firmly in the driving seat, dictating how, where and when we connect and interact with others. Technology has transformed every business discipline. And the larger your organisation becomes, the more critical communication is to the success of your business, which is why midsize and large organisations need to make sure they have an enterprise network solution in place to fully support operations.

Collaboration has also become an urgent priority - driving innovation, efficiency and responsiveness. Sometimes, however, your business grows so fast that (before you know it) the technology employed is slow, outdated and holding you back. It’s a big problem, but one that should absolutely be addressed; it actually poses an even bigger opportunity to invest in the future. Since collaboration is a fundamental part of almost every job and process, why wouldn’t you?

The sky’s the limit with enterprise communication solutions

An enterprise network and communications solution enables larger firms to integrate types of communication channels and tools used across the organisation, bringing about untold business benefits should you choose to make the investment. It helps to streamline several essential business apps into one platform, such as voice, video, messaging, omnichannel tools, analytics and APIs.

Pros include:

  • Boosting productivity
  • Strengthening collaboration
  • Facilitating the integration of new digital tools
  • Increasing flexibility, agility and accessibility
  • Enabling remote working
  • Reducing costs, admin and maintenance
  • Driving up revenue and improve processes

But what are your options as a large business? At Focus Group, we have numerous enterprise communitcation solutions – all of which can be quickly and expertly deployed.

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Enterprise phone systems

As an enterprise-sized business, moving to the cloud is a must. Only here, can you reap the rewards of cloud-based telephony as seen with our VoIP phone systems, which offer future-proof, flexible solutions that grow as your business grows. VoIP business phone systems deliver the power to improve customer experience through feature-packed tools, such as voice recording and call analytics - plus various business enhancements to help you optimise the way you work.

Or you could go one step further and expand your Microsoft 365 environment. A Microsoft Teams phone system delivers an unrivalled unified communications solution, allowing you to make or receive voice and video calls directly in Teams. Not only does it give you a flexible, scalable, work-anywhere solution, it delivers insightful analytics, helping you to improve performance and processes. It is also the ultimate in collaboration; features include video meetings, syncing calendars, chat and file sharing options.

Security products for enterprise businesses

As your business grows, so does the volume of data needed to be protected. The cyber security experts at Focus Group have worked with enterprise-sized businesses for many years, offering a comprehensive suite of security tools that will arm your firm against the very latest evolutions of cyber-attacks. From security awareness & training, managed SOC or SOC as a Service through to dark web monitoring and GDPR legislation, our team is here to protect your assets and deliver peace of mind.

Enterprise broadband services

The bigger the operation, the more you rely on a faster, reliable and secure broadband connection. Your enterprise business needs uninterrupted speed and the ultimate level of uncontended bandwidth so, whether you’re streaming content, uploading large files or video conferencing, you can rest assured your connectivity is seamless and guaranteed.

Our managed support for business broadband solutions will also keep you up and running with remote and on-site technical service on-hand 24/7. In addition, our online security software tools will keep the scammers and hackers from compromising your data and valuable assets.

Enterprise unified communications

Unified Communications (UC) refers to the integration of multiple enterprise level communications tools (voice, video, messaging, etc) in to one single platform – simplifying the way your teams work and placing you firmly in control.

Increased productivity, enhanced customer service, scalability and hybrid working capabilities; enterprise unified communications promotes the highest level of cloud collaboration, which both customers and employees alike will thank you for.

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Enterprise networking

Is it time to take your organisation’s IT infrastructure to the next level? Focus Group is not only a leading independent provider of essential business technology; it is also one of Cisco’s UK Elite Partners, delivering digital transformation projects to enterprise organisations across the globe.

But what is enterprise networking? What solutions are involved and why is it a must-have for today’s enterprise organisations?

Enterprise networking refers to the physical, virtual and logical design of an IT network infrastructure – and how the various software, hardware and protocols work seamlessly together to transmit data, with employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. Its role is to consistently deliver connected digital services that are both reliable, robust and secure on a local area network (LAN) to applications in the data centre and cloud, as well as facilitating access to network data and analytics.

What does an enterprise network consist of?

  • Routers – devices on the network that connect multiple networks together, and the internet
  • Switches – network controllers, enabling devices on the network to talk to each other and other networks
  • Wireless Access Points – enable wireless connections, sending data from one device to another

The pros of enterprise networking

Every enterprise is different and will require a networking solution that support all areas of the business from workflow to consumer demand to logistics, etc. The Enterprise Network specialists Focus Group architect and deploy the best solution for your needs, helping to elevate and optimise your objectives.

But what are the advantages of an optimised enterprise network?

  • Always-on connectivity – unrivalled connectivity for all users, things, devices and applications within an organisation
  • Optimised user experience – proactive network optimisation, faster issue resolution, prioritisation of essential traffic, security and privacy.
  • Digital transformation ready – an enterprise network can be designed to adapt quickly to rapidly evolving needs, such as expansion, scaling, growth and new services.
  • Easier management – network management tools give admins the ability to set access rules and permissions, as well as adding users or function and monitoring performance.
  • Super security – an enterprise network becomes a primary detector or threats and enforcer of security and compliance.
  • Cloud integration – enterprise networks deliver seamless connectivity between users and cloud applications, optimising workloads between on-premises locations and public clouds.
  • Wireless Access Points – enable wireless connections, sending data from one device to another

All of this, of course, results in a positive impact on business, driving up efficiency, making better use of resources, boosting productivity and, ultimately, lowering costs.

If you want to see how we’ve helped other big global brands transform their operations, take a look at the case studies below!

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