VoIP for retail: the UK retail business phone system for 2022!

Author: Sonia Older  |   Date published: Mar 24, 2022, UK  |   Read est: 6 min read

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Success in the retail industry is all about having the ability to deliver not just good, but GREAT customer experiences, with a level of engagement and open channels of communication that today’s shoppers expect.

What if your business doesn’t have the tools to do this? What if you’re being held back by a legacy telephony solution that no longer gives you the competitive edge or the ability to keep up in a fast-paced sector? And what if your employees need to work from home or remotely? Does your current telephone system support a hybrid working environment? The answer is in VoIP for retail, let us explain why.

Open the door to communication with VoIP for retail

Whilst more than half of customer retail experiences are now digital – website, web chat, text or social media – the need for an omnichannel approach to customer service is clear. Retail businesses need to ensure every line of communication is open, to ensure customers can engage with a company in a way which suits them best.

Whilst some prefer the convenience and anonymity of an online transaction, many still value the tangible and personal experience of a direct conversation with sales or customer service personnel – the experts in your business who are in a position to elevate the brand experience. As such, the phone system remains a fundamental channel of communication and the future lies with VoIP for retail.

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Is your retail phone system delivering flawless service?

Older phone systems may be unable to cope with the increasing demands of your business; they can also lead to slow service and frequent breakdowns, with valuable time and money wasted on maintaining an antiquated system that’s often incompatible with other office equipment.

We’re all now living and working in a world which demands instant connections, agile communications and outstanding service, 24-7. So, you need your phone system to allow your customers to reach you at the touch of a button – via the channel which suits them best.

Upgrading your business telephony to a flexible phone system could be the answer for a sustainable and successful future. In a competitive retail environment, delivering flawless customers service begins with communication. From placing orders to dealing with complaints, modern day shoppers want their calls answered and dealt with asap - if not sooner!

The future for a retail phone systems lies with fibre broadband

Business phone systems have evolved beyond recognition in recent years and with the impending switch off of the legacy PSTN(public switched telephone network) paving the way for full fibre, digital lines, the future is IP - internet-based phone technology. Whilst many businesses will need to upgrade existing phone systems ahead of the PTSN switch off, the benefits are huge.

IP phone technology for retail phone systems guarantees reliable call quality, as well as enabling your employees to handle calls anytime, anywhere and from any device. Meaning your customers can reach you quickly and easily, and you’ll never miss a call – or business opportunity – again.

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VoIP provides a range of easy-to-control call management abilities enable retail businesses to deliver the highest level of customer service – channelling calls to the right team quickly and efficiently whilst managing expectations with features such as call distribution, call attendant, hold music, divert to mobile or available team member options, comfort messages and voicemail-to-email.

Introducing VoIP: the future of your retail business phone system

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is the jewel in the crown as you can configure the system to match the exacting requirements of your business.

VoIP call routing takes place via a secure internet-connected data centre, rather than hardware installed on your premises, meaning the technology is easy to install and there are limited upfront connection costs. It’s easy to maintain and upgrade, plus you can add or remove ‘seats’ or users quickly and easily. So, it’s brilliantly agile, you’ll only ever pay for what you need and the phone system will grow with your retail business.

So, if you’ve already decided a VoIP phone system sounds like the perfect retail business phone system for you, the next step is determining which one – from a myriad of options. And that’s where the telecoms specialists at Focus Group shine. We have all the very latest telecoms technology at our fingertips and, regardless of your budget, we’ll work closely with you to find the right solution for your business.

Horizon VoIP phone: the one-stop shop for communication

Our cloud-based phone system, Focus Horizon, has been top of the charts for a couple of years now, partly due to the pandemic and its ability to facilitate productive, agile and efficient remote working, but also thanks to its portfolio of features, making it the very best in unified communications tools.

Being cloud-based means any laptop, desktop computer or mobile device can be used to make budget friendly calls on a system that is entirely scalable. You’ll only pay for what you need. And if you need more, no problem! Other benefits include:

  • Reliable call quality anytime, anywhere from any device
  • Cloud call recording to capture inbound and outbound conversations.
  • Cloud call analytics giving real-time insight into all call facts and stats. The option to upgrade to cloud phone system enhancements, such as Collaborate, which offers instant messaging, voice, video calling and desktop, document and application sharing, plus much more.

Future proof your telecoms for retail with PhoneLine+

PhoneLine+ is another strong contender when it comes to a future-proof digital telephony solution for retail businesses, especially for smaller retail businesses. Its beauty lies in its simplicity – smart telecoms technology, delivering a straightforward cloud-based phone system. PhoneLine+ has been designed specifically to replace traditional landline services, using VoIP technology to deliver calls over the broadband network.

Here's a quick at-a-glance guide to the key features and benefits of PhoneLine+:

  • Retain your existing business numbers
  • Make or receive voice calls from your mobile, tablet, desktop computer or handsets
  • All the key features you’d expect of a traditional telephone line, including voicemail, call divert and comfort messages
  • Easy-to-use online call management hub

And the best bit? The price! PhoneLine+ is available at from as little as £10.95 per month so it’s budget friendly.

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