Published - 10 August 2021, UK

The best VoIP phone system for UK businesses 2021!

Focus Group lays out everything you need to know about cloud-based phone systems and VoIP solutions to help you make the right choice for your business.

Sonia Older

By Sonia Older
Campaign Executive

What is VoIP?

How businesses communicate has changed dramatically over the last few years, with many firms choosing to move their phone systems to a cloud-based solution; VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers businesses of all sectors and sizes the opportunity to work smarter and faster, while saving telephony costs.

But that’s not all. Cloud phone systems are packed full of call enhancement features designed for better collaboration; whether you’re a small business or require a multi-site deployment, the technology is quick and easy to install, configure and maintain.

 Horizon VoIP phone system dashboard

How does a VoIP phone system work?

Moving to VoIP means your phone system will run over the internet, which opens the door to make free or very low cost calls. It works by digitalising sound, compressing it to make voice packets smaller, then breaking it up and sending it over an IP network to both desktop and mobile devices. Simple!

A VoIP phone system gives every business the ability to be much more flexible because you can take and manage calls from wherever you are, anytime, anywhere – you’ll never miss an important call again! So, the question is, why wouldn’t you consider making the switch to the cloud?

What is the best VoIP phone system for business?

Focus Horizon VoIP

There are a number of different VoIP phone system service out there, so we have norrowed it down to just a few to help you choose the best VoIP phone system for business.

The Focus Horizon VoIP phone system puts you in the driving seat. It’s easy to control call features are endless; from call recording to voicemail-to-email, disaster recovery and auto attendant, Horizon allows you to easily configure the system to match the exact requirements of your business, with the option of adding further enhancements when the need arises. And all of this on top of guaranteed low costs, no-nonsense monthly billing and a seamless migration from our VoIP support team.

The benefits of a Horizon VoIP business phone system

  • Easy to control features
  • Empower your staff with one number anywhere
  • No hidden costs
  • Significantly lower call costs
  • Facilitates flexible working
  • Number choice
  • A business continuity solution

Microsoft Teams Phone System

Our Microsoft Teams phone system is the ultimate in collaboration, connecting telephony with Teams to reach people outside of a Microsoft 365 domain. It has amazing chat, shared files, data and video conferencing abilities, enabling a greater connection with colleagues, customers, suppliers – whoever, whenever! And what’s more, alongside its range of collaboration tools, you gain total peace of mind with its failover and fraud protection.

Microsoft Teams VoIP

The benefits of a Microsoft Teams Phone System

  • Superior call quality for voice and video
  • Full integration to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
  • Communicate in a completely secure environment
  • Video conferencing & screen-sharing at the touch of a button!
  • Set up and managed by Focus Group

Focus Group has helped thousands of businesses harness the power of Microsoft Teams, click here to find out more.

What are the alternatives to cloud-based phone systems?

For whatever reasons maybe your business isn’t quite ready for the cloud yet, so what are the alternatives to cloud-based phone systems?

On premise phone systems

Cut costs and improve your service with powerful on-premise phone system from Focus. Based in your office and providing complete control, every staff member can have their own direct dial, voicemail inbox, messaging and conferencing capabilities.

Our solutions add value and the flexibility for future growth, as well as keeping your costs low across the board and making sure you maintain ownership of the hardware you use to run your business.

Hosted phone systems

For those firms looking for all the benefits of a hosted solution, we can manage that all for you! We will devise a bespoke plan and pricing that fits all your needs now and in the future. We offer flexible communications management no matter how big or small your organisation is.

Let us revolutionise your business phone system!

Cloud or not to cloud, that is the question! And whatever your answer is, Focus Group has just the solution to suit your business needs. So, call us today on 0330 024 2000 or complete the call back form. Let’s get talking!