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Maintaining a healthy IT infrastructure is vital to any business and regular IT health checks should be top of the ‘to-do’ list to ensure your IT infrastructure is fighting fit! Overlook the basics and SMEs run the risk of inefficiency, security threats or even loss of business.

One of the most challenging things about running a SME is taking time the time to step back and assess how your IT infrastructure is operating – everyone is so busy, all the time. But failure to address your system’s health can spell bad news. So, let’s take a look at how to keep your business firing on all cylinders when it comes to IT.

Protect your IT security

Are your internal processes and operational systems working to the best of their ability? Are there gaping holes in your IT security, leaving you vulnerable to attack or – if specialist knowledge is limited internally - perhaps you could do with outsourcing your IT support and services to experts in the field? And when was the last time you backed up your data to the cloud?

With many employees still working from home, IT security is more than important than ever – making sure your hybrid workers are protected, your network infrastructure is rock solid and your data is secure is a task that cannot be ignored.

Regular IT health checks will not only identify areas of improvement, but also go some way to saving valuable time and money. Giving you peace of mind that your business is safe, secure and running at optimum efficiency at all times.

Key benefits of an IT health check include:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities and potential problems before they arise
  • Protecting your business with the very latest security solutions
  • Improving cyber awareness within your company
  • Protecting against future losses as a result of downtime and poor productivity

Protect your business with an IT health check

So, where to start? If time and resource is in limited supply, it is well worth considering IT infrastructure consultancy to identify any key areas of concern or just to eliminate any weak spots. An IT health check will comprehensively review the health of your IT estate and highlight areas for improvement. The resulting report will then assist with identifying the appropriate solutions to increase business efficiency, reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction. It will also make sure that your organisation is always sufficiently protected from ever-evolving security threats from hackers and scammers.

In a nutshell, a strong IT health check report and support programme will ensure your IT infrastructure stays healthy now and in the future; with an ongoing review recommended in order to enable your business to engage new tools and solutions as your business evolves.

IT system security audit checklist

Here is our IT system security audit checklist for performing an internal IT health check. But Focus Group are always on hand should you want an extensive audit.

  1. Define the scope of you IT systems and what hardware, software and processes need auditing
  2. Determine potential security threats both internally and externally
  3. Review and edit internal processes and provide security awareness training
  4. Ensure security of sensitive data and ensure everything is in line with GDPR requirements
  5. Fully analyse your IT infrastructure (Networks, internet access, server access, check logs, file access)
  6. Consider penetration testing to check for vulnerabilities
  7. Discuss you findings internally and ensure processes are followed
  8. Regularly complete audits to ensure data integrity and infrastructure security


Maintain your business continuity with cloud computing

Innovative technology and sophisticated IT cloud infrastructure will empower your team to work smarter, faster and, above all, more securely. But it’s vital to your take care of your IT infrastructure in order to optimise performance and longevity. Let’s take a look at the services to keep your business secure, online and at the top of its game.

Back-up services for business

No one wants to be dramatic but are you prepared for a data disaster or an unplanned power outage? Hardware failure, file corruption or simple human error all needs to be taken into account when considering what back-up services you have in place. Cloud-based back-up support means your company data sits safely in the cloud environment ready to be restored, quickly and easily, should it need to be.

Business IT support and services

Outsourcing IT support means you free-up employees to focus on day-to-day operations, secure in the knowledge an expert IT support team has your back - working dynamically and proactively to keep you up and running no matter what. A fully managed service will source the right equipment, build a reliable framework, constantly monitor your networks, identify any weak spots and keep your IT infrastructure fighting fit – around the clock.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing solutions are designed to secure your business and help lower IT support costs. The right provider will implement policies, technologies and controls that provide unrivalled protected for your data from cyber threats, while worldwide data centres regularly update to the fastest, most efficient hardware. Reliability is second to none when your data is safely housed in the cloud, which can be accessed from multiple sites as required.

Digital transformation

There’s no escaping it, the future is all about staying on top of cutting edge technology to drive business forward. Digital transformation achieves the ultimate in innovation, business agility, increased efficiency and delivers a great customer experience. As a leader in digital transformation, Focus Group is well placed to determine the digital architecture that will take support you, always. Digital transformation will deliver a complete overhaul of your technology solutions to help you stay strides ahead of the competition.

Protect your business with Focus Shield

Keeping your data secure is a must no matter what type of business you are. Specifically with SMEs in mind, Focus Group launched a fully flexible IT solution compromising a powerful collection of productivity tools and security solutions, which you can select depending on your priorities. From our initial IT health check, we can ascertain whether your antivirus needs a boost, or perhaps your email and spam protection isn’t quite up to scratch? We also offer mobile device management, email signature management, Microsoft 365 Business and back-up manager. With our careful guidance, you can pick and choose what is needed and what suits your budget!

Business cyber security

Don’t let cyber attacks take down your business! Make sure your valuable data and employees are protected from the dark side of the internet. With hackers constantly evolving their sophisticated scams, it’s essential to up your defences to ensure connectivity is always maintained and there’s no risk to your reputation. We are the cyber security knights in shining armour! Our teams offer awareness training, managed SOC or SOC as a service, email security, dark web monitoring and GDPR training – we can help you tick all the boxes!

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Start your digital transformation with an IT health check

You guessed it, the UC specialists at Focus Group are on hand to guide you through your digital transformation to ensure your business operations are unified, secure and firing on all cylinders!

It’s clear a strong IT infrastructure is fundamental, providing the essential foundations on which to build and grow your business. Let Focus Group take care of it. With our team of IT specialists by your side, we’ll keep everything running smoothly and securely so you can pour all your energies into growing your business.

Ask us about our IT health checks and we’ll ensure your business is fit for the future and one step ahead of the competition.

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