What is a network vulnerability assessment?

A network vulnerability assessment puts you in complete control of the detection and elimination of weaknesses in your IT network. Our comprehensive assessment scans your systems regularly for threats, open ports and any vulnerable areas which could leave your business exposed to cyber threats. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way of securing your network as it evaluates your security architecture and defence layers, exposing invisible threats before they take control. Keeping you one step ahead and protected. At all times.

Why do a network vulnerability assessment?

Detect and eliminate network security weaknesses

Our comprehensive network vulnerability assessment will use market leading analysis software to review and analyse your network infrastructure, to find cyber security vulnerabilities and loopholes in your network security.

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Receive actionable network information and security advice

The ultimate goal of a vulnerability assessment is to determine the strength of your company’s network security. Our network information report will provide you with insight into any security vulnerabilities that might compromise your business operations, your levels of cyber security or privacy of your computer network, plus deliver actionable recommendations to improve your security posture.

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Fully managed or hybrid network cyber security

The team at Focus Group will design and deliver a service to suit your business. If time is of the essence, we can provide a fully managed service, identifying and providing actionable advice with timescales to support your business security objectives. Alternatively, take full access to your own web-based management console. Or opt for the best of both worlds with a hybrid solution.

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What are the benefits of a vulnerability assessment for your business network?

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Our systematical approach, using full CVSS scoring methodology, pinpoints the areas your business should prioritise in order to secure your business network.

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On demand network assessments

We’re at your security service, whenever you need us. Our vulnerability assessments can be implemented as regularly as you require and across your entire inventory, or just those systems which have been flagged as high risk.

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Fully scalable

Whatever the size of your business, whether you’re working with a single IP address or across a multi-national network, our fully scalable service will scan your systems and report back with a comprehensive security assessment.

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Frequently asked questions

Our comprehensive assessment scans your network and IT systems for threats, open ports and any vulnerable areas which could leave your business exposed to cyber threats.

There is a multitude of different measures you can take to protect your network against the threat of a cyber-attack. These include firewalls, anti-virus and malware software, network segmentation, remote access VPN, email security, data loss prevention, intrusion prevention systems and sandboxing.

A network vulnerability is a flaw or weakness in software, hardware or organisational systems which can pose a risk when compromised by a threat and lead to a security breach.

A computer system vulnerability is a flaw or weakness in a system or network that could be exploited to cause damage or allow an attacker to manipulate the system in some way. Common network vulnerabilities include unpatched security vulnerabilities, hidden backdoor programs, uncontrolled user access, unknown security bugs in software and phishing attacks.

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