Secure Access Service Edge

SASE converges networking, cloud and security solutions into one platform so that your users, devices, infrastructure and data are always connected and secure.

Defining your SASE Strategy

Define the right solution for your unique requirements with our 6-step process for defining your SASE strategy.

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The latest technology trends for 2024

This article showcases the three common methods we’ve seen organisations implement to modernise operations, with the number one solution being SASE.

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Data protection in digital transformation

This webinar, in partnership with Inside Housing and Cisco, is for Social Housing organisations to help modernise their IT estate to maximise security and accelerate their digital transformation.

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SD-WAN for Retailers

Creating the ultimate customer experience, whether in-store or online, is an expectation of today’s consumers. Retailers need cost effective, scalable, and resilient technology to innovate services, catch customers when they’re ready to buy and ensure business continuity.

How an agile store operation can stop your retail and restaurant customers shopping around

This article considers the trends driving retail today and how investing in the latest technologies can give you the edge you need in the current competitive landscape.

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SD-WAN for Retail & Hospitality

This paper cuts through the marketing ‘blurb’ and discusses what we’ve experienced and learnt deploying SD-WAN into the retail and hospitality sector and what trends we’re seeing as we start to move into ‘the new normal’.

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The future of retail systems

From warehousing and supply chain management to delivering an enhanced in-store shopping experience, today’s retail systems are making the most of smart technologies like IoT sensors and connected systems to streamline their operations and deliver a truly personalised shopping experience.

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Cisco and Meraki

As a Cisco Elite partner and Premier managed services provider, it is our business to know Cisco’s solutions inside out - allowing us to select, architect and implement the right enterprise business solution to accelerate your digital future.

From cloud-based infrastructures to secure hybrid working solutions, we’re ready to help you to work smarter, faster and, above all, more securely.

Cisco Meraki licence changes

Cisco subscription changes come into effect in the UK on the 12th of May 2024. Get all the details from our resident Cisco expert, Leigh Sanders, in his 20-minute video update.

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Cisco Secure Connect

Read how Cisco have combined the power of their networking, cloud and security solutions to create a unifying SASE platform for end-to-end visibility and protection.

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Focus Group

Best Practice Assessment

This BPA is a focused evaluation of your adoption of security configuration best practices for Next-Generation Firewalls or Panorama™ network security management, grouped by policies, objects, networks, and devices.

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Focus Group

Security Lifecycle Review

An SLR is a quick and easy way to view applications, threats, and vulnerabilities on your network. The report provides details on SaaS and other applications, URL traffic, content types, IoT devices and known and unknown threats traversing your network.

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