VoIP call recording

Whether your business needs to demonstrate compliance, deliver effective training or ensure excellent customer service is at the heart of all you do, the call recording features of a VoIP phone system are ideal for any business looking to capture and securely store inbound and outbound conversations. Let’s talk.

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Business call recording

Our telecoms experts are here to provide your business with a call recording plug-in which delivers an intelligent call analytics and recording solution. Scalable and fully compatible with a VoIP phone system, you’ll have the power to record, save, store, replay and interact with calls whenever needed. A cloud-based solution, the call recording features of a VoIP phone system are the perfect solution for any business looking to monitor, capture and securely store and access conversations. Whether you’re looking to monitor customer experience, ensure service compliance, track for auditing purpose or use as a training tool, call recording is the answer.

Features of VoIP call recording

How do I record IP phone calls?

Focus Group offer a comprehensive range of business IP phone solutions and our experienced team will take the time to get to know your business and install a revolutionary solution which flexes and grows with your evolving business. Call recording is delivered as a plug-in solution, compatible with your IP phone system and easily implemented via an online interface.

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Voip Phone Call Recording
Voip Call Recording

Call recording software for business

Call recording software puts you in complete control of your business’ voice communications. It delivers the ability to record, save, store, download and replay any business phone call at ease.

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Voip Call Recording Analytics

Record VoIP calls on a computer

Call recording can be easily integrated with your desktop IP phone system so you can record, capture, retain and retrieve calls for training, compliance and archive purposes.

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Benefits of call recording for business

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Record live calls

The recording of live calls can prove an invaluable tool for any business seeking to improve customer service, review the performance of your sales or support teams, or monitor training calls. Real-time call reviewing, enabling instant action and business improvements.

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Simple interface

The intuitive interface allows you to easily set up call recording for all incoming and outgoing calls. You can implement on-demand call recording, review download or delete call recordings using the online dashboard.

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Call monitoring

Call monitoring is fully compatible with a VoIP phone system, you’ll have the power to record, save, store, replay and interact with calls whenever needed.

Frequently asked questions

By recording business calls you can assess the impact of your employees, customers and promotions have on day-to-day operations. A business can gain better insight into customer satisfaction, as well as identify experience trends to see which agents may need need extra support or training. VoIP call recording when used effectively is a very valuable tools and helps ensure businesses can comply with laws and legislation surrounding customer consent and notification.

VoIP call recording is an invaluable add-on to your VoIP phone system. At a low monthly fee a business gains access to a wide range of tools and analytics that can help improve customer relations and highlight areas where training may be needed to provide more assistance to staff.

VoIP call recording is an additional feature that can be added to any cloud hosted phone systems using streaming audio recording applications. VoIP call recording solutions are used as part of call center solutions, but can be an invaluable tool for any business looking to improve call quality and customer satisfaction. Businesses required to record VoIP calls often use a recording systems offered through a softphone or IP PBX.

Internet based or IP calls can be recorded using VoIP call recording. Recording VoIP calls is not very difficult and can be acheived using add-on software for hosted phone systems. VoIP call recording simply records the data being sent as packets being transferred over data network, storing them as an audio file than can be used to playback conversations.

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