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Developed to get you to your target destination faster and with less risk, we help you accelerate value realisation and increase change effectiveness. Ensuring you make the right infrastructure investments to achieve your strategic and business objectives.

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Our consultants, architects, engineers and programme managers combine in-depth specialist industry knowledge with insights and expertise in the latest technologies. Experienced at delivering complex projects of any size, on time, anywhere in the world, we believe technology solutions should be designed around the specific goals and future needs of your business. Helping you navigate all the technology choices, we’ll recommend best-in-class vendors and solution-specific use cases that offer targeted industry capabilities.

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Supporting you on the journey

Harnessing technology to fuel innovation can often prove more challenging than expected. And that’s where we come in.

Having established the big picture and identified your key drivers for change, we’ll undertake a detailed audit of your existing environment and operational models. After which we’ll work with you to define a strategy roadmap and a migration plan to get you to your target future state.

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Supporting You On The Journey
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Infrastructure Consultancy

Infrastructure consultancy

Whether you’re aiming for a big bang implementation or introducing incremental changes that will power measurable results, our infrastructure design and consultancy services ensure you’re able to execute your tech-enabled transformation journey at a pace that’s right for you.

Along the way, we’ll share best practice know how and ensure that everything that’s put in place is designed with the future in mind. Generating sustainable long-term value from each and every technology investment you make.

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Infrastructure planning and design

While our capabilities are extensive, we’re especially passionate about connecting people, devices and things. So that organisations can work faster and more efficiently in a robust, flexible, secure and future proof way. Our infrastructure planning and design service will analyse your business needs to develop a schematic that covers all areas of your network, keeping your devices and employees connected at all times.

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Infrastructure Planning And Design

Enabling connected outcomes

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Networking strategy and advisory

We’ll help you design and implement a networking architecture, built with agility, resilience and growth in mind, that improves business continuity and minimises operational risk. Software and automation are key to future-proofing your network architecture, and we’re on hand to help you introduce the changes that count the most.

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Cloud strategy and advisory

We help you find the right mix of vendors and platforms for your needs. Ensuring your investment in cloud is optimised from a price, scalability and performance perspective and that all data governance and privacy challenges are appropriately addressed.

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Security strategy and advisory

From resilient and applied cybersecurity to managed digital identity, we ensure you’re able to mitigate risks and accelerate your responses. Keeping your systems, applications, data and people secure and safer, we’ll help you embed security across your business, from the core to the perimeter and beyond.

Customer stories

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UniCredit Group

Focus Group is a strategic technological partner to UniCredit, successfully implementing Cisco’s UC solutions.

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Brighton & Hove Albion

Focus Group is a long-time partner and supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion help the team both win off and on the pitch.

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Yeo Valley

Focus Group has been a trusted partner of Yeo Valley for over 15 years, driving the brand forward with Cisco technologies.

Frequently asked questions

Programmable infrastructure, or infrastructure as a code, is an approach to managing infrastructure using software development techniques (DevOps) rather than the traditional manual processes used by IT operations teams.

An IT operations automation strategy can help you improve processes, increase quality, save time and reduce costs, deploy new applications and services faster, manage IT infrastructure more efficiently. We can help you make installations, upgrades and day-to-day management repeatable and reliable.

When we utilised zero-touch configuration via an API to rollout a new SD-WAN, WAN and hybrid cloud to replace an extensive legacy MPLS network on behalf of a client, the site configuration savings alone saved them £180K of engineering time. Automating the ongoing management of the network serving its 700 sites reduced the volume of troubleshooting calls that had to be investigated. This equated to an additional annualised saving of £75K in engineering costs accompanied by a 30% increase in workforce productivity.

DevOps is not a technology, it’s a software engineering methodology that combines specialist practices and tools that helps organisations to build, configure and manage cloud and network infrastructure and data centres more efficiently, and with fewer risks. Featuring frameworks like infrastructure as code tooling and API interfaces, it’s an approach that enables us to replicate end-to-end environments and create test and staging environments or create a repeatable process for rebuilding the environment itself.

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