Zero Trust

Zero Trust has become the strategy of choice for cyber security teams that need well-defined governance to react effectively to change without compromising security. With internal operations flexing to meet new demands and external threats growing more sophisticated, Zero Trust ensures your essential assets are protected from the multitude of ways it can be accessed.

Webinar: Creating a Zero Trust Strategy

This 30-minute on-demand webinar explores the common drivers for implementing Zero Trust, how to create a roadmap for your organisation and a real-world example of how Cloudflare’s SASE solution stopped an SMS phishing attack.

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Webinar: Zero Trust for Hybrid Working

This 40-minute webinar, in partnership with Cloudflare, highlights how cloud-based security controls can enhance your hybrid working operation.

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Webinar: Zero Trust with Microsoft

This 30-minute webinar showcases how easy it is to implement a Zero Trust strategy through your existing Microsoft estate.

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Is Zero Trust the future of cyber security?

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Cyber-attacks: the real impact on big British brands in 2023

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5 steps to creating an effective cyber attack incident response plan

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Why your employees can actually be the biggest risk to your business' security

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Secure Access Service Edge

SASE converges networking, cloud and security solutions into one platform so that your users, devices, infrastructure and data are always connected and secure.

Defining your SASE Strategy

Define the right solution for your unique requirements with our 6-step process for defining your SASE strategy.

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Data protection in digital transformation

This webinar, in partnership with Inside Housing and Cisco, is for Social Housing organisations to help modernise their IT estate to maximise security and accelerate their digital transformation.

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Microsoft Sentinel Proof of Value

Get an overview of Microsoft Sentinel along with insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments with this Microsoft Sentinel Proof of Value.

Microsoft Sentinel workshop
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Azure Best Practice

This 3-5 assessment will benchmark your current practices and policies against Microsoft’s best practice advice. It will identify gaps in your current deployments and risks of future adoption.

Best practice assessment
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Security Lifecycle Review

An SLR is a quick and easy way to view applications, threats, and vulnerabilities on your network. The report provides details on SaaS and other applications, URL traffic, content types, IoT devices and known and unknown threats traversing your network.

Security lifecycle review

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