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Unleash the power of next-gen satellite internet connectivity with Focus Group. Utilising the world’s first and largest low-Earth orbit satellite service, we’re able to deliver high speed satellite internet to businesses across Scotland. The connectivity experts at Focus Group are ready to help supercharge your services.

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Superfast rural business broadband

Leveraging the power of advanced satellites and user hardware, satellite internet is unlimited in the locations to which it can extend its services. So, with global reach, satellite internet is ideal for business in rural and remote locations that are unable to access reliable, high-speed internet connectivity.

Small village using rural business broadband
Business satellite internet

Keep your business connected

Say goodbye to unreliable internet connectivity and unlock exceptional performance with satellite internet. An Earth-orbiting satellite constellation provides a resilient connection that is fully protected from terrestrial outages, ensuring minimal disruption. Keeping your business connected at all times, even in the most rural of areas.

Benefits of satellite internet for business

Rural superfast broadband

Satellite internet leverages the immense capabilities of Earth's largest constellation of sophisticated satellites, which operate within a low orbit around the planet. This extensive network facilitates the provision of high-speed internet services to businesses across all locations, ensuring connectivity even in the most remote areas.

Low latency

Performance entails more than sheer velocity. Satellite internet is architecturally designed in a way so that it prioritises super-low latency for a diverse array of applications - be it data transmission, voice calls, video streaming, or cloud services. This commitment eradicates frustrating lag or delays, facilitating a seamless and uninterrupted user experience across the board.

Improved reliability

Collaborating with Focus Group ensures a comprehensive broadband satellite internet experience, encompassing fully managed services. This includes diverse service plans tailored to your needs, rapid installations, round-the-clock support, and seamless technology integrations. Together, we strive to deliver the utmost in reliable connectivity solutions.

Fully managed service

As your designated managed service provider for high speed satellite internet, we extend a comprehensive range of supplementary services and features—from installation to ongoing support—ensuring the delivery of an optimal enterprise-grade solution tailored to your needs. These services include technology integrations, 24/7 NOC support, a customer management portal and a range of service plans.

High speed

Business users of satellite internet can anticipate performance similar to full-fibre connectivity, achieving download speeds in excess of 350 Mbps. Seamlessly engage in real-time collaboration with colleagues through smooth video conferencing, and efficiently transfer large files without enduring the lengthy delays typically associated with conventional satellite solutions.

Connectivity anywhere

Bridge employees across multiple sites, oversee IoT device networks, and safeguard your network through backups, irrespective of remote locations worldwide. Empowering your business with unparalleled connectivity, broadband satellite internet ensures seamless operations no matter where you're situated, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity around the clock, bolstering productivity and efficiency.

Rural satellite internet

Setup that gets you connected quickly and easily

Partnering with Focus Group ensures you receive comprehensive support through our fully managed service. This encompasses additional service plans, seamless installation, round-the-clock support, and seamless integration with various technologies, guaranteeing an optimal connectivity solution. Moreover, we commit to getting you connected to business satellite internet quickly and effortlessly.

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Rural business using satellite internet
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Download speeds of up to 350Mbps

Satellite internet business users can anticipate remarkable download speeds, reaching up to 350Mbps, rivalling the performance standards of full-fibre connectivity. This robust bandwidth empowers businesses with swift data access, facilitating seamless operations and enhanced productivity. Experience reliable and high-speed internet access, catering to the demands of modern businesses with efficiency and effectiveness.

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Site-to-site connectivity

Link employees across multiple sites, supervise IoT device networks, and safeguard your network in even the most remote corners of the UK. Upon connection to our rural satellite internet services you can effortlessly expand your network by adding subsequent locations through your account portal, ensuring seamless scalability and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Site to site satellite connectivity
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, satellite internet is available across the entirety of the UK. Broadband speeds can exceed 350Mbps, with low-latency, sometimes performing better than traditional broadband providers. This service is recommended for businesses that require rural business broadband as well as those who require broadband to be moved across sites such as construction companies.

If you live in an area that does not have internet connectivity then satellite internet is a much better alternative, providing fast and reliable services that aren't affected by terrestrial location or outages.

Opting for satellite internet will provide fast, reliable broadband for rural businesses. Satellite internet has more outages than fibre broadband connections as signal levels can be affected by the weather, so if your area offers a cable connection, you'll have better reliability and more uptime.

Satellite internet provides an exceptionally reliable service for businesses that would otherwise struggle with low internet speeds and high levels of latency. Designed to provide broadband for rural businesses, satellite internet provides an online connection powered by satellites in space, and therefore isn't limited by the reach of cable based broadband.

Although latency speeds are still not on par with traditional broadband service providers, satellite internet is constantly making waves to improve latency and provides a reliable connection for those wishing to work in rural areas that are otherwise unable to connect to the internet or suffer from limited speeds.

The demand for satellite internet is ever-growing, and many businesses operating in more rural areas where fibre optic broadband is not currently available are choosing to make the switch satellite internet to enable faster and more reliable connectivity.

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