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SD-WAN simplifies retail branch networking for Brewers

Brewers Case Study | Focus Group

Featuring one-click provisioning, PCI compliance and in-store WiFi connectivity, Brewer's intelligent and scalable SD-WAN infrastructure paves the way for seamless in-store shopping experiences.

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Control data and connectivity between sites and workforces by creating a bespoke wireless environment. We can build the best private network for your company using our secure and fully-managed MPLS and VPLS services or more flexible SD-WAN solution.

The Challenge

To create a scalable, secure & compliant network providing an omnichannel experience for customers, across more than 150 sites.

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Focus Group act as a seamless extension of our team - and they've been invaluable in enabling us to make more intelligent decisions and make our future vision a reality.

The Solution

Full-stack Meraki infrastructure enabling enterprise grade wireless & security for retail customers, suppliers and staff, all traversing across a brand-new SD-WAN, PCI compliant network.

The Results

The new SD-WAN infrastructure has decoupled Brewers from their ISP enabling instant configuration changes to be made without the need of involving the provider and a long and expensive change control process. The highly flexible and easy-to-configure platform provides a highly responsive network that can cope with fast service activation and provisioning, while delivering the end-to-end security and performance.

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