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Learn more about the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) switch off that is happening across the United Kingdom in 2025.

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PSTN switch off

The UK’s phone and broadband network is changing. Openreach is busy upgrading exchanges across the country and full fibre connections will soon enable faster, more reliable connectivity for everyone. So, what does the PSTN switch off mean for your business and how can you take advantage of its benefits sooner rather than later? This webinar will cover the future of communication, how to prepare your business and how to update your business phone system with VoIP services. An anonymous Q&A option will be available, so please feel free to ask questions throughout the session.


  • What is the PSTN switch off?
  • The PSTN road map
  • Timelines
  • Cloud based phone systems
  • Telecoms services
  • Data services
  • Phoneline+
  • Microsoft Teams
Voip Call Recording
Jordan Walker Focus Group Uk Customer Success Manager

About your host

Jordan joined Focus Group in 2018 as a Customer Engagement Executive and has since gained unparalleled knowledge of our telecoms systems and business technology solutions. Jordan is now our Customer Success Manager and as a Horizon Champion, provides specialised training to both our new and loyal customers.

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