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A fast growing coffee chain required a scalable and fully managed wireless solution from Focus Group.

About Black Sheep Coffee UK

Black Sheep Coffee are one of London's fastest growing coffee chains with new stores popping up every couple of weeks. With customer numbers increasing and IT requirements becoming more complex, Black Sheep Coffee needed a partner who could provide a wireless solution.

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The Challenge

Existing stores had a mix-mash of IT infrastructure consisting of different routers, as well as multiple access points for staff wireless, EPOS and guest wireless. Routers were also installed in inconvenient customer-facing areas or hidden away and inaccessible under counters.

There was no public-facing WiFi and with regular IT drop-outs the ability to take card payments was being hugely impacted. There was the need to increase on-site IT with managers using laptops and requiring ongoing support for these.

Black Sheep needed a new and fully managed wireless and IT offering.

Black Sheep Coffee The Challenge

The Solution

Black Sheep Coffee The Solution

Focus Group designed a bespoke package for Black Sheep Coffee. This offered a scalable solution suited to the increasing number of stores but, with a consistent and predictable price, which included broadband, IT support and all the equipment required to run the wireless - without any upfront costs. The solution was designed to be simple - every site had the same configuration of managed router, managed switch and one or two access points.

Each site had a new central communications cabinet installed where all existing broadband lines were relocated, and an additional failover broadband line.

Focus Group then attended the sites outside of trading hours and transferred everything over to the new solution. All old kit was replaced with standardised equipment which was installed and labelled for easy access. One new access point was installed in each store which would provide secure access to the till system, credit card terminals, staff wireless and guest wireless.

The sites were tested ready for the next day's trade and supported by a follow-up from an engineer the following morning to walk the Store Manager through basic troubleshooting and all the new equipment.

The Results

The solution provided a huge reduction in IT issues and provided a far simpler solution for on-site staff to self-manage and self-diagnose with the assistance of Focus Group's 24/7 helpdesk for incidents that a reboot wouldn't sort.

Focus Group had a back-end management portal which provided a real-time view of every site so we would be informed of any problems before the store was impacted by them.

The introduction of guest wireless provided the ability for true data capture for the Black Sheep Coffee marketing team. Within the first month of the wireless being live there were over 5,000 individual connections and user records created on the system that the team could use to market, in order to get customers back to the stores.

"Excellent company to do business with! Their customer care and service is fantastic! Would highly recommend this company!"

Black Sheep Coffee The Results

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