Unified Communications: creating success for UK businesses in 2022

Author: Sonia Older  |   Date published: Apr 1, 2022, UK  |   Read est: 5 min read

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We’re now living in a world where business is driven by digital transformation and technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. We’re no longer restricted to working at a specific desk or bound to accessing data in the office only. We now have the freedom to communicate, connect and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers from anywhere we please. All it takes is the right device and a cloud connection.

There’s certainly no shortage of technology to support a digital workforce but in a sometimes overwhelming mix of communication platforms and collaboration tools, Unified Communications simplifies our quest for seamless solution.

The Unified communications landscape in 2022

According to industry roundtable reports* nearly two-thirds of all large companies globally were looking to invest heavily in Unified Communications between 2020 and 2021, with the Covid-19 pandemic pipped, in part, as the driving force, with organisations realising the benefits of clear lines of communication and the reassurance of operational continuity.

Post-pandemic the interest in Unified Communications has exploded with hybrid working here to stay and the appreciation that the collaboration tools you utilise play a huge role in helping to deliver a better customer journey, And - of equal importance - improved connectivity, inclusivity and collaboration empowering employees to deliver against goals.

Many smaller companies have yet to adopt new technologies and face the challenge of how to optimise the productivity of a fully remote workforce. This failure to adapt and invest could prove costly; UC is quite literally the hot topic of 2022.

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What is Unified Communications exactly?

So, what is unified communications? Unified Communications solutions help to fuse all channels of business communication, removing the need to switch between multiple tools. With many employees still operating from home and some in the office, plus the multiplicity of channels and devices users are operating on, it can prove a challenge to successfully juggle different solutions.

Unified Communications also incorporates collaboration tools for the digital workforce – delivering the ability to share screens, simultaneously edit documents and so much more. In essence, collaboration is about providing an avenue for anyone in a business to work together on a project, wherever they are. Bringing all of this under one umbrella makes total business sense; no time is wasted swapping between programs or apps, with all lines of collaboration in one place. This has obvious benefits when it comes to ramping up productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How does unified communications work?

Unified comms works by collating all of you communications technologies into a single solution. Providing a more streamlined and unified communication platform for you staff. This means all of their tools are available on a single platform, making communication more efficient, improving productivity and enhancing collaboration.

Key features of unified comms incorporate:

  • Telecommunications
  • Video calling and conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Voicemail
  • content sharing

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Benefits of Unified Communications solutions

From enterprise level to SMEs, employing Unified Communication solutions opens up new possibilities. Benefits include:

  • Total solution – all channels are integrated into one single solution, operating voice, video, messaging, file and much, much more!
  • Future proof – as tools and services evolve and update, these will be quickly integrated to make sure you’re always working with the latest tech.
  • Power up productivity! – spending less time managing communications means employees are working more effectivity, while streamlined comms mean better organisational agility.
  • Unrivalled security – standardised security policies mean IT can handle security patches and compliance updates more easily.
  • Improved customer service – connecting customers more quickly and easily to who or what they need offers up all-round better customer engagement.
  • Lower costs – consolidate overlapping services, reduce IT overheads and unnecessary travel.

Unified Comms partner

The good news is that Focus Group is a key player in the world of Unified Communication and the perfect partner to help businesses of any size and scale make the leap to digital transformation, be that moving your communications to the cloud or upgrading your phone systems to a fully flexible solution. So, the question is simple; how can we help you?

1. The cloud

One platform, endless possibilities! Cloud-optimised and fully charged, our Microsoft Teams solution gives business the opportunity to tap into a powerful, flexible phone system, delivering endless benefits, to include:

  • Flexibility, scalability, work anywhere comms solution.
  • Insight into call analytics and performance, enabling you to deliver a better customer experience.
  • Complete collaboration at your fingertips! Calls, video, calendars, chat and file sharing, and much more!

2. VoIP telephony

The future of business phone systems – the ultimate in unified communications, making sure you do business smarter, faster and from anywhere! Meet Focus Horizon….

  • Choose a unified comms system that grows with your business; add new users and features quickly and easily!
  • Instant install! Our VoIP phone system can be up and running in no time, low cost, no hassle.
  • Feature rich – ramp up your productivity with a whole host of features, including call recording and call analytics, with the option to upgrade to further business enhancements, including Horizon Collaborate.
  • Cost effective – pay for what you need!

3. Connectivity

Ensuring your business is firing on all cylinders is fundamental to success. Reliable connections keeping you in touch with the outside world are essential. And when it comes to connectivity, the faster the better right? Our team of business connectivity specialists are here to deliver the right network and internet solutions for your business.

Get in touch! We will work with you to source the best Unified Communications solution for your business in 2002, arming your employees with the tools they need to be the best they can be! .

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