Toll fraud prevention

Your phone system is the gateway to your business so it’s vital to keep your lines of communication protected against toll fraud. Analogue, digital or IP-based – your business telecoms system is susceptible to fraudulent activity and an attack can hijack your network in seconds. Our toll fraud protection solution is easy to implement and secures your phone system. Instant peace of mind.

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Safeguard fraud prevention

Toll fraud is a chillingly common form of organised crime. Whether you have an analogue, digital or IP based telephony, fraudsters will use advanced software to crack passwords, bypass firewalls and hack into your phone system. Once accessed, unauthorised and illegal calls are made to any location in the world with stolen call time passed off as legitimate call traffic. In almost all cases there is a link to organised criminal gangs purporting to be legitimate businesses and, in many instances, fraudulent activity remains undetected until astronomical telephone bills arrive. Our telecoms specialists are here to protect your business. We’ll endeavour to lock down all phone systems we install or maintain but also recommend implementing fraud prevention technology to fully safeguard against toll fraud crime.

Safeguard your business from toll fraud

Prevent toll free fraud

Focus Group is committed to reducing the risk our customers face to the best extent possible. There are also key steps you can take to increasing your level of protection.

  • Control of your calls is a great place to start. Toll fraud criminals will look to place long distance calls so it’s advisable to place restrictions on calls to any countries you don’t work with or need to contact
  • Security training for your employees will heighten awareness of suspicious call activity e.g., recurring requests for invalid extension numbers, silent callers or callers asking who they’ve reached
  • Password protection is key. Use complex passwords, avoid patterns and change regularly
  • Make regular checks on your voicemail system to avoid fraudsters accessing redundant mailboxes or sourcing access to outside lines

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Prevent Toll Free Fraud
Safeguard From Toll Fraud

SafeGuard from toll fraud

We’re here to protect your business against toll fraud and unwelcome bills! SafeGuard Fraud Protection can be added to your lines from just £1.49 per month. And not only is it low cost, we guarantee any customers with SafeGuard on their lines will not be liable for any fraudulent calls*

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