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Looking to build your business? We have a simple solution! In today’s world, a digital-first approach to developing brand awareness is essential. People spend more time than ever before on digital channels and immersed in technology, so it’s time to ensure potential customers can find your business. Web listings are the answer!

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What is a web listing?

Web listing is a cost effective solution which makes it easy to publish your details on the internet, update your business presence and appear in relevant online searches. Our web listings service is designed to ensure your business gains online visibility by putting your contact information, services and location at the forefront of search engines, social media and more. Your business will soon be found quickly and easily across 50+ online platforms such as Google, Maps, TripAdvisor and Facebook. You’re also in full control with the ability to manage your web listings via an online portal. This will enable you to view your latest search performance analytics, update your details regularly and see how many people have checked out your business. No SEO expertise required!

Features of managing business web listings

Update your web listings

The easy-to-use online portal which comes hand-in-hand with the Web Listings service puts you in total control of your online brand presence. You can update all your listings quickly and easily, at the same time, ensuring your contact details, opening hours and all other key details are published correctly and effortlessly.

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Update Your Web Listings
One Click Save

One click save

Keep everything updated in our Web Listings dashboard, including your company information, opening hours, delivery times and holiday schedules. One click saves your update and deploys it across the Internet. Our Web listings service offers unrivalled distribution to search engines, social media, review sites, apps, maps and more.

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Welcome more customers

New opening times or updated contact information? Accuracy matters. It improves your search engine ranking so more people find and, more importantly, choose you. Keeping your customers happy with the correct information will help keep your brand front of mind.

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Welcome More Customers

What are the benefits of listing a business online?

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Higher rankings

Listing your business effectively is key to increasing your search engine optimisation and, in turn. improving the ranking of your business in the search results. Higher search rankings will ultimately increase the chances of customers finding your business online. Search engines such as Google use several pieces of information, such as keywords and location, to determine what users are searching for. Web listings will help ensure your business is found by potential customers as a result of publishing accurate information across key channels.

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Better web listings

Consistent, accurate and readily available listings, as well as customer reviews, will directly benefit the visibility of your business by boosting its ranking in local search engine results.

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Happier customers

Correct, consistent and readily available business listings will help guide customers to your business. If listings are incorrect or missing, consumers will feel less confident about a brand and take their search elsewhere. Delivering the information online users are looking for will bring happy customers to your door!

Frequently asked questions

Brand awareness is essential if you’re looking to launch or grow your business. And since people spend an increasing amount of time immersed in technology, you need to ensure potential customers can find your business online. The Focus Group web listings service is a quick, easy and cost effective solution to boosting the online presence of your business.

Online business listing is an easy to publish your details across relevant platforms and search engines on the internet, update your business presence and appear in relevant online searches.

Online listings will ensure customers can find your business online, connect with your brand and access all the key information they need, including contact details, services, location, opening hours and more.

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