Rhys Bailey Sales Director Focusgroup Uk

Rhys Bailey

Chief Revenue Officer

Rhys Bailey is our Chief Revenue Officer. Bringing over a decade of sales leadership experience to the group, he has an incredible amount of passion and energy for leading ambitious teams and growing ICT businesses. In a world where IT and telephony services can sometimes be viewed as a utility, Rhys ensures Focus Group go above and beyond to deliver an unbeatable customer experience – working with his teams to find products and services that are not only cost effective but also enable our customers and partners to become more efficient.

Ultimately, Rhys makes sure the sales focus is placed firmly upon identifying the best solution for each individual customer - providing all the support they need to help them to grow their own businesses faster with the right technology at their fingertips.

Beyond the fast-paced day-to-day life at the sales helm, Rhys is future-focused – continually working to evolve sales and marketing practices, improve customer engagement and identify ways in which Focus Group can flourish, diversify and accelerate growth.

Outside of work you’ll find him spending time with his two lovely daughters and wonderful son, enjoying a good meal out with friends & family, or very, very occasionally in the gym (burning off the aforementioned food & drink!)

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