Chris Pellatt Focus Group Uk Head Of It Technical

Chris Pellatt

Head of Technical Internal Infrastructure

Chris brings a first-class track record of IT expertise to Focus Group. During 30 years’ experience with world-renowned brands such as IBM and American Express, Chris travelled across Europe managing and implementing IT projects, joined the Focus Group 11 years ago as part of one of the first group acquisitions, introducing IT services. Chris has over 30 years of experience in IT Services, previously working for IBM and American Express.

Life before Focus, Chris was found travelling around Europe managing and implementing IT projects for American Express. Since starting his own company in 2003, when he joined forces with Laurence Glen, Chris has enjoyed working closer to home supporting our clients in the UK. Since leaving school, Chris’ passion has always been IT Services and helping others. In recent days Chris has been responsible for our own IT structure across the group.

Outside of work, Chris lives with his family and two dogs. Chris enjoys travelling, property development and walks in the countryside.

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