Using SASE to improve the citizen experience

Organisations are under pressure to continuously improve their services, empower their employees and protect their critical data. As organisations leverage technology to become more automated and data-driven, it is essential that all resident and user data is protected across every device, location and application. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) brings protection and visibility beyond the perimeter, enabling you to deliver new services quickly and securely.

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The challenge for Housing Associations

Housing Associations are under an increasing amount of pressure to improve the services and environments of their tenants. Many Housing Associations are using technology to achieve service improvements and to ultimately become more automated and data-driven. But as technology gets more complex and widely used across users and residents, Housing Associations need to ensure they have the right security in place to protect their critical data.

SASE brings security and visibility beyond the perimeter, enabling you to deliver new services quickly and securely. Using key vendors as platforms, instead of a complex mix of point solutions, SASE allows you to streamline your vendors, consolidate your solutions and simplify your operation.

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