Why a dedicated leased line is the answer for your UK business in 2022

Author: Sonia Older  |   Date published: February 17, 2022, UK  |   Read est: 5 min read

The lowdown on dedicated leased lines

Dedicated leased lines, otherwise known as a dedicated line, is an internet connection that is reserved exclusively for your use. It’s your own personal business internet connection that goes directly into your business premises and delivers an ultrafast, reliable connection – regardless of the time of day. You don’t have to be concerned about other premises in the area streaming live content or services slowing down at peaks times, as you won’t share your bandwidth with anyone else with a dedicated leased line.

Leased lines are not only ideal for businesses working across multiple locations, thanks their bandwidth, but lend themselves perfectly to implementing remote working.

Ultimately your business leased lines will operate at full power; uncompromised speed and connectivity guaranteed. No shared line, no compromise. And not only does a dedicated leased line provide a dedicated communication channel with a guaranteed data flow, it’s a solution that’s available at a surprisingly affordable fixed monthly rate.

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What are the advantages of leased lines?

There are a number of benefits to businesses of dedicated leased lines, so what are the advantages of leased lines for businesses? Is a leased line worth it? Let explore some of the key features offered by opting for business leased lines.

Why are leased lines faster?

Business leased lines provide a private internet connection which goes directly from the internet service provider’s data centre to your offices or workspaces. And since it isn’t shared with other businesses, you can rely on consistent speeds and reliable connectivity, even at peak times.

Faster business

Leased line connections enable you to send and receive data, fast. You can choose your speed and typically leased lines are available with speeds from 10MB to unrivalled speeds of up to 10Gbps. And you can rely on the speed of your leased line at any time of the day to ensure your business is firing on all cylinders.

Leased line bandwidth

Need fast upload and download speeds? No problem! Whether you’re uploading or downloading info, you will have uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth. Broadband on the other hand, whilst offering decent download speeds, isn’t as efficient when it comes to upload speeds. A fast upload speed is essential if you’re looking to use the internet for your VoIP phone system, video conferencing, streaming or broadcasting, cloud back-ups or to send large data files. It’s also fundamental to operating efficiently if you have multiple employees relying on the performance of your connectivity to get their jobs done!

Is leased line more secure than broadband?

It’s reported there was an attempted cyber-attack every 46 seconds on businesses across the UK in 2022, the chilling result of a 20% rise in security threats. Cyber-crime soared as result of the global pandemic and the exponential rise in remote workforces, connected and operating through cloud-based platforms. Secure connectivity is critical to the protection of your business operations, your network and your data. With a private leased line, since you aren’t relying on a shared network, will strengthen your security and reduce the risk posed to sensitive or confidential data. You can also partner this with a range of cyber security awareness services to add an extra layer of protection to your network.

Is leased line Unlimited?

The beauty of a dedicated leased line is that you can relax in the knowledge that you won’t be subject to any unexpected charges for exceeding your data allowance. Unlike broadband, there are no usage caps on the amount of data you can transfer so, even when your business is at its busiest, you can stream, download, upload and share data to your heart’s content. No unexpected bills – happy days!

A dedicated internet leased line is futureproof

Ambitious? Keen to see your business develop and grow? If you’re looking to build your business, increase the size of your team or embrace new cloud-based technology, you’ll need an internet connection that’s robust. A dedicated internet leased line delivers rock-solid performance and that’s capable of supporting your business. A dedicated leased line will support your business now and into the future.

Business leased lines are a super quick fix

With decades of experience in providing and supporting data connectivity services, in the event of disruption to your service, our support personnel and UK-wide team of leased line engineers will have you up and running in no time!

Types of business dedicated internet leased line

The choice is yours when it comes to a dedicated internet leased line. There are a number of options to choose from and the most important factor to consider when it comes down to selecting a leased line solution is making sure it’s right for your business. There are three core solutions to consider:

  • Ethernet leased line – delivering scalable internet up to 10Gbps up and down. This option offers monitoring and guaranteed repair times
  • Fibreflex 200 – perfect for businesses that require an exceptionally fast connection, with the option to use more bandwidth if needed
  • Ethernet over FTTC – this option offers speeds up to 20Mbps, delivering consistent, reliable bandwidth at an affordable price

So, how much does a leased line internet connection cost?

With the wealth of benefits that are delivered with a dedicated leased line, you may be starting to think it sounds expensive. Fear not! Whilst a leased line internet connection cost can be slightly more costly than broadband, dedicated leased lines are less than you might think. And you can be sure of receiving the getting the level of connectivity and internet access your business deserves, allowing your team to reach their full potential when it comes to productivity. And in turn, boost the all-important bottom line!

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Want to know how a leased line can transform your business?

Our business connectivity experts will take the time to review your existing connectivity services, get to know your business and ensure we have a clear understanding of your ambitions. We’ll recommend, install, deliver and maintain a leased line solution that will take your internet access to new heights.

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