This service protects our customers from the risk of call out charges levied by Openreach when reporting a line or broadband fault.

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We are extending our LineGuard coverage!

We are delighted to announce the extension of ‘LineGuard’ to cover Broadband services from 1st April 2023 in addition to all analogue and ISDN telephone lines.

If Openreach are called out to your premises and the fault is found to be with your internal set-up / equipment, there is an Openreach charge that is passed on to you. Openreach call out charges start at £145 per line and can quickly mount up. ‘LineGuard’ protects you from these charges, meaning that any Openreach engineer call out charges which relate to a fault being logged will be covered by Focus.

You will automatically receive this service from the 1st April 2023 unless you request to opt out by contacting our Support Team on 0330 024 2200, or by emailing customerengagement@focusgroup.co.uk

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If you have any questions about this product, please speak with your account manager or contact our support team as detailed above.


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