Small Business Customers

This notice applies to businesses and not for profit organisations with 10 or fewer employees who receive telecommunication services regulated by Ofcom (Eligible Customers)

Ofcom has implemented the European Electronic Communications Code (EU Directive) into UK law via its General Conditions of Entitlement (General Conditions).

The General Conditions offer, amongst other things, certain protections to Eligible Customers when entering into telecommunications contracts.

Focus Group takes its responsibilities to Eligible Customers seriously and has formed an Ofcom Committee to ensure compliance with the General Conditions.

The purpose of this notice is to inform you, as an Eligible Customer, of your options before you enter into a telecommunications contract with Focus Group. You have a choice as to whether to request these options or to waive them:

Contract Summary

You are entitled to receive a separate contract summary to review before entering into a contract with Focus Group. This sets out the key terms of your services and is prepared using a template prescribed by the EU which can be found here: https://thisisfocusgroup.co.uk/downloads/ofcom_contract_summary.pdf

These key terms are also contained in your Order Form and the Focus Group Standard Terms and Conditions so you can opt out of receiving the contract summary if you wish to proceed with your contract straight away.

Contract Duration

For all telecommunication services except for leased lines, you are entitled to a cap on your minimum contract term of 24 months.

You are able to opt out of this and your account manager will discuss the various pricing arrangements depending on the minimum term you choose.

If you add any services to your contract, this will not automatically extend your minimum term, unless you agree to this.

Focus Group Standard Terms and Conditions

The General Conditions provide for further rights of small businesses during the contract which you do not need to expressly request. These have been incorporated into the Focus Group standard terms and conditions available here: https://thisisfocusgroup.co.uk/downloads/focus-group-t-and-cs.pdf

For full details of the General Conditions, and your full protections as a Small Business Customer, please refer to the General Conditions here: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/phones-telecoms-and-internet/information-for-industry/telecoms-competition-regulation/general-conditions-of-entitlement