B2B services

Energy services

Restricted to B2B

  • Focus Group do not have the licensing required to approach domestic projects

Siteworks & New Connections for both electricity and gas

  • Electricity Connections – Metering only, we can typically become involved once the local DNO/network has completed their works, and an MPAN has been generated.
  • Gas Connections  – Full suite, we can source quotes for service & meter install, this can include service alterations, pipework, meter exchanges, gas meter housing and so on.


  • Electricity & gas installs typically require shippers (suppliers) to be attached to them when installed. This can be the supplier installing the meter itself or a competitor – we have around 30 suppliers on file and operate independently and without bias.
  • Procurement is our mainstay, but can work independently to the siteworks offering. Clients may already have a nominated consultant or broker in place, and we would only contact the client if directly instructed to do so by Bidwells.

Account Management

  • Perhaps less relevant than the above but worth mentioning, if we’re looking to take on a client for both siteworks & procurement there will be direct account management on our part going forward. Many of our clients have multiple services through Focus Group and ensuring a high level of service from connection to renewal is paramount.

Telecoms services

New Connections

  • We can install new Analogue lines to run an internet connection into any new site.
  • We will be able to check the available internet speed per-site and work with you to make sure the solution offered is fit for purpose.
  • We can offer flexible contract terms to make sure that we match the client’s requirements.

Internet Based Phone System

  • Focus Group have a platinum partnership with the UK’s largest provider of internet based phone calls, this allows us to offer a fully bespoke service whilst offering one of the best solutions in the market. This solution will allow you to pick up and move phones as you desire and offers a greater deal of flexibility.

Account Management

  • Clients are assigned a single point of contact in the form of an account manager. Depending on the scope of the demand I would want to arrange a single colleague to act as your telecoms liaison, so that they can gain & develop a relationship and better understand your ways of working, and vice-versa.

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