Joanna Johnston Focus Group Uk Head Of Service Operations

Joanna Johnston

Head of Service Operations

Joanna, as our Head of Service Operations, has our customers at the heart of everything she does. Her passion for striving to achieve great customer experience through the service and support functions across our product portfolio is second to none. Thanks to her unwavering high standards, her teams recognise the request for help when issues arise and are dedicated to ensuring customers are kept updated and informed.

Focus Group support a number of key vertical markets and Joanna understands how each industry’s requirements differ. Her world of Service Operations never stops and believes offering a true in-house Total Care 24/7 ticketing solution is essential to safeguarding ownership and support while you sleep.

Prior to joining Focus Group, Joanna worked in leadership positions for smaller telecommunications and security companies. She has a passion for technology and supporting complex solutions for our customers to run successful businesses.

Beyond the workplace, Joanna enjoys a wide genre of films and fictional suspense literature.

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