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In today's socially conscious environment, it has never been more important to integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) into a company's business model; it not only has a positive impact on social, economic and environmental factors but contributes to the wellbeing and productivity of staff. 

At Focus Group, we take our CSR very seriously, actively demonstrating a robust corporate citizenship and implementing sustainable strategies wherever possible.

In 2019 we launched our
#thisisfocus champions initiative focusing on our wellbeing, our communities and our environment.

Our Wellbeing Champions | Focus Group

#thisisfocus wellbeing

Our 'Wellbeing Champions' work on ideas and initiatives to promote the wellbeing of our staff, both in and out of the workplace. They are responsible for raising awareness, communicating, providing on-going support, signposting and generally encouraging staff to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Champions have all received Mental Health First Aid training, and all management staff are trained on mental health awareness to ensure our ethos and message is embraced by the leadership team.

Plans are already afoot to drive a number of Wellbeing activities including a cycle to work scheme, National Fitness Day, drink and smoke free days, yoga and mindfulness classes. We will also be looking to collaborate with the community on local projects including a local food banks and beach cleaning.  

#thisisfocus community

Our 'Community Champions' have a mission to enhance and support our local communities and charities through active participation in events and fundraising. Events including the Focus 10K, Bingo nights, raffles and cake sales have already raised over £35,000.

#thisisfocus environment

Focus Group are launching our ‘Environmental Champions’ initiative in 2020. But already employees have welcomed the arrival of #thisisfocus branded refillable water bottles, reusable shopping bags and recycling stations on every floor in a bid to be more eco-friendly as a team.

Does this sound like somewhere you’d like to work? Does your ethos align with ours? Get in touch with Focus Group today:


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