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Powerful VoIP reporting tools deliver the insights a thriving veterinary group needs to make better operational decisions, serve customers well and future-proof its business.As a busy, multi-site veterinary practice they needed a communications infrastructure that can capture every call, with feature-rich data analytics to help users make informed decisions on how to boost practice performance.


The Challenge

The Sussex-based veterinary practice has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care and treatments to domestic, companion and farm animals and their owners for decades.

Alongside a small animal department offering consultations at several surgeries across the county, the Group also operates a large equine clinic and a dedicated farm animal department.

Handling hundreds of calls every week, the Group's practices need bullet-proof communications to ensure they can respond fast to everything from emergency call-outs to scheduling routine tests and appointments, as well as liaising with owners to give updates on the health of their animals.

But an ageing digital ADSL system was creaking under the strain and it was clear that the Veterinary Group needed to upgrade its telephony system in the very near future. The equipment was starting to fail with handsets breaking or losing functionality. The limitations of the outdated telephony were hampering the practice's ability to implement new, more efficient ways of working.

Veternairy Practice The Challenge

The Solution

Veternairy Practice The Solution

The client turned to Focus Group to help breathe fresh life into their communications infrastructure

Having supported the telephone system for many years, Focus Group were familiar with the daily communication demands faced by a modern veterinary practice. To drive operations forward, they needed a feature-rich solution with data rich call reports that would enable the practice to make decisions on how to boost practice performance. Following a detailed audit of the practice sites, Focus Group recommended an IP telephony platform that could support the varied communication needs of the Group.

The Ericsson-LG iPECS system offers the enhanced call management functionality the practice needs, including call volume analytics, voice mail and voice mail to email features, call routing and hunt group mailboxes and call recording.

The implementation project ran smoothly. Focus Group's engineer liaised closely with the ICT provider to ensure the new system was seamlessly installed onto the network and connected additional WiFi access points to boost coverage across the sites.

The Results

The new platform delivers a range of new functionality that's proved pivotal for boosting the productivity, performance and customer service capabilities of the Group, including:

  • Call recording for training, compliance and assurance purposes to ensure all customer-facing staff are fully aware of company protocols

  • As a training tool to help maintain standards and identify where personnel might require additional training to support incoming callers

  • Detailed call reporting and analysis provides management with an accurate understanding of call volumes and loading on the administration teams. Based on this insight, significant changes were made to improve operations at the practices.

Analytics are key to how the veterinary practice runs their business today. The management team have visibility of the volume of calls that come in at certain times of the day, how quickly these are answered, and whether callers have to ring back. The business was able to identify specifically high call volume times - which were previously unknown - and make the necessary changes to staff numbers to cope with peak demands.

The call reports have also helped the practice tweak services to optimise practice operations. For example, amending the out of hours recorded message to eliminate non-essential callers from clogging up essential emergency response resources. For example, people were using the out of hours phone service to place orders for special veterinary food stuffs. So, the recorded message was changed to make it clear the line was for emergency calls only, directing these callers to call back during practice hours when their requests could be dealt with.

Thanks to Focus Group management are now able to manage, analyse and control their business communications, making informed decisions that have helped improve customer service and streamline operations.

Veternairy Practice The Results

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