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Better understand your businesses energy consumption with Focus Group. Our energy experts can help optimise your energy usage and reduce costs where possible to help you operate as a greener, more cost effective organisation.

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Securing a competitive tariff for your business is essential.

But it is equally important to understand how and when your business is utilising gas and electricity. By understanding consumption data, busy periods for your business and drilling down into site-specific information, Focus Energy can help your business optimise energy consumption. This will enable your business to reduce its energy usage in the longer term.

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Business Energy Optimisation | Focus Group

Why choose Focus Group?

Focus Group partner with many industry-leading suppliers who can install systems and extract vital information to measure the energy performance on your premises. As a result, Focus Energy are able to make recommendations that will ensure you are not paying for energy that you may not require. Equally, access to real-time data will also provide a site-by-site analysis which will enable Focus Energy to highlight areas of potential cost-reduction.

  • BMS & Energy Control Systems
  • Real-time access to consumption data
  • Site-by-site cost comparisons
  • Excessive consumption alerts

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