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Keep your passengers connected and boost business intelligence! Now an essential offering for transport operators, passenger WiFi enables organisations of all scales to create a truly ‘connected journey' by facilitating genuine interactions with visitors, collecting data from those customers using logins to track usage and finding out what they're using the services for.

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We offer a sophisticated managed passenger WiFi technology that is fast and secure, while improving the onboard passenger experience by helping them become more productive during their journey. You harness the data collected for power marketing and advertising, while passengers enjoy free connectivity.

As a transport provider, you always want to offer your customers first class service, comfort, reliability and flexibility. The thousands of commuters, happy holidaymakers or students that embark on their daily journey will need to be able to rely on one major thing, connectivity. Being able to offer your customer free WiFi will make their journey more efficient and enjoyable.

We help you stand out!

Our bespoke WiFi device will also give you the opportunity to promote any other services that you may offer and capture Passenger information for further marketing. You will also have full CCTV coverage which you can monitor remotely adding security for your operators and passengers.

How we help?

We offer a state-of-the-art onboard WiFi system that is suited to your needs! You may find yourself asking, 'but how does it work?', which is a great question. Take a look to find out how it all works and how you can improve the journey of your customers.

Managed M2M connectivity

Capable of deployments of any scale, our managed M2M connectivity services are capable of revolutionising a business through the monitoring and managing of its machines or equipment remotely. IoT then takes this to the next level by facilitating asset tracking and management thus creating a business communication community with 'smart' capabilities.

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Why Choose Focus Group for Passenger WiFi?

  • Happy passengers - our solution offers free or sponsored access to the internet
  • Flexible and cost-effective - data plans tailored to your needs
  • Compatible and accessible - use a smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Fast and reliable - each vehicle features high speed 4G modems
  • Data collection - customers connect seamlessly while giving you valuable information
  • Visibility - access to passenger WiFi usage analytics