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Our end-to-end defence in depth approach to cloud and infrastructure security protects your devices, your people, your applications, and your data. From the inside out and everywhere in between, we’ll help you build security across your IT environment and operations.

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End to end cyber security

As data and services move to the cloud and the workforce become increasingly distributed, you need to be able to easily enforce security everywhere. That includes shifting to modern identity-first solutions that empower workers with simple and secure access to the business resources they need to stay productive. From end point security to cyber defence, cloud and workplace security solutions, we ensure you’re able to wrap protection around every user, every device and every connection. Using proven methodologies and solutions from industry-leading partners, we’ll help you proactively manage risks across an expanding enterprise perimeter. Ensuring you can protect your most valuable assets and operate in a truly digital way.

Enterprise cloud security solutions

Cloud and infrastructure security

Hybrid environments add new complexity to infrastructure security as cloud adoption and remote working exposes your business to new security challenges and risks.

We help organisations implement the right security controls across the network, data centre and cloud to reduce risk and boost compliance. From integrated perimeter, network and endpoint solutions with advanced threat protection, we’ll secure workloads and give you the visibility and control you need to establish effective threat management.

Cloud And Infrastructure Security
Transform Your Network Sase Security

Transform your network SASE security

With data distributed across multiple service and hosting providers and users working everywhere, organisations need to gain greater control over the traffic that enters and leaves their network – and protect their networks from external threats.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) streamlines network and security services to create a secure network edge. Enabling organisations to protect their data, wherever it may be located, SASE combines software defined WANs (SD-WAN), secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and zero trust network access to support the dynamic secure access needs of today’s organisations.

We help companies put SASE to work, so they can protect users, workloads, devices and applications wherever they may be located and manage their entire environment from a single pane of glass.

Securing workplaces and people

Ensure the right people have the right access to the right resources, utilising identity-based security models that enable people, applications and machines to verify their digital identities and securely access data and services.

We’ll help you implement modern security management tools like Identity and Access Management (IAM), Multi Factor Authentication, Single Sign On and more. Ensuring employees, contractors and partners can work seamlessly, no matter where they are, while ensuring they’re only able to access the specific resources they need to do their jobs.

Securing Workplaces And People

Secure the cloud with our partners

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Faster delivery and deployment

By autonomously executing repetitive workflows across multiple machines, we’re able to significantly reduce the time it takes to deploy new infrastructure. For one major retailer, we cut the configuration effort involved in initiating a new SD-WAN, WAN and hybrid cloud infrastructure supporting 700 stores from over 500 hours to just 5.

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Enhanced operational performance

A predictive framework delivers an optimised environment that delivers an enhanced user experience. At Focus, we specialise in enabling self-healing networks and predictive fault management and maintenance services that boost performance and availability of services.

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Reduces human error

Automation eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with human error during manual provisioning. By reducing manual efforts, IT teams can focus on core innovation tasks.

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Focus Group is Hogan’s trusted partner of choice for its Cisco network for unified communications. (UC)

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ACS conducted a vast amount of research prior to selecting Focus Group as a technology partner to deliver a leading Cisco network.

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Honda is now connected by Europe's largest mesh wireless infrastructure and driving customer success, courtesy of Focus.

Frequently asked questions

SASE is a cloud architecture model that bundles network and security-as-a-service functions together and delivers them as a single cloud service. It allows organisations to unify their network and security tools in a single management console and is designed to address the unique challenges created by the new reality of distributed users and applications.

In a traditional network model, data and applications live in a core data centre and users/remote offices always had to connect via the data centre through a secure leased line or VPN. Today, however, the rise of cloud-based services and distributed workforces means security needs to move to the network edge. SASE streamlines network security services and allows organisations to expand their network perimeter to any remote user, branch office, device or application.

A key component of the SASE framework is Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) which provides mobile users, remote workers and branch offices with secure application access while eliminating the attack surface and the risk of lateral movement on the network.

In today’s digital world, we need to prevent systems and networks from being compromised. Unfortunately, there is no single solution that will protect against every type of attack. Which is why we recommend initiating a series of defence mechanisms in a multi-layered approach. From next-generation firewalls to end-to-end encryption and behavioural analytics, we help organisations establish a baseline of security that’s tailored to their specific operational needs.

We believe in creating holistic solutions that enable you increase your cyber resilience, protect your users, and reduce exposure if there is a breach. Our mantra is PROTECT, DETECT, IDENTIFY, REPAIR and RESPOND, and we’ll help you initiate a modern approach to enterprise security that’s scalable and won’t hold back your future organisational transformation.

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