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Automating the digital enterprise

In today’s digital era, everything needs to go faster – from infrastructure provisioning to introducing new capabilities. Plus, services need to be consistently up and available to all, all of the time. We enable organisations to deliver on the promise of digital transformation. Utilising API interfaces and automation tools, we make it simple to provision new infrastructure and services faster or reconfigure and scale infrastructure to accommodate new business needs. Plus, we make it easier to manage, maintain and orchestrate infrastructure environments, so they’re smarter and more responsive.

Reimaging the future

DevOps as a service

DevOps automation allows for reduced human interaction in the deployment and fault monitoring process. We create a fully automated infrastructure that has drastically reduced deployment times and automated device switching, which can turn devices on and off when they are needed to reduce your impact on the environment and create a more sustainable infrastructure.

Devops As A Service
Devops Monitoring

DevOps monitoring

DevOps monitoring diagnosis device health automatically on a regular basis to check from potential faults or weaknesses in the network. Faster and more reliable than any human security, DevOps fully secures your network and ensure all devices are operational at all times by automating device reboots and problem solving faults on the network the moment they occur.

Accelerating on-demand service enablement

As a leading DevOps Infrastructure specialist we help organisations jumpstart programmable infrastructure approaches across their environments, using automation to accelerate the provisioning of key resources and cut the cost and complexity of running IT infrastructure. Our specialist areas include:

  • Infrastructure configuration and deployment
  • Service orchestration and resource provisioning
  • IT migration
  • Application deployment
  • Security and compliance
  • Operational monitoring and optimisation

Accelerating On Demand Service Enablement

Benefits of development operations

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Faster delivery and deployment

By autonomously executing repetitive workflows across multiple machines, we’re able to significantly reduce the time it takes to deploy new infrastructure. For one major retailer, we cut the configuration effort involved in initiating a new SD-WAN, WAN and hybrid cloud infrastructure supporting 700 stores from over 500 hours to just 5.

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Enhanced operational performance

A predictive framework delivers an optimised environment that delivers an enhanced user experience. At Focus, we specialise in enabling self-healing networks and predictive fault management and maintenance services that boost performance and availability of services.


Reduces human error

Automation eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with human error during manual provisioning. By reducing manual efforts, IT teams can focus on core innovation tasks.

Customer stories

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BayernLB engaged Focus Group to improve its connectivity, optimise productivity and enhance its working environment.

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A worldwide WAN transformation has been implemented, to allow Autovista to deliver intelligence to automotive decision-makers.

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Focus Group delivered a converged, automated compute and storage infrastructure designed for future growth.

Frequently asked questions

Programmable infrastructure, or infrastructure as a code, is an approach to managing infrastructure using software development techniques (DevOps) rather than the traditional manual processes used by IT operations teams.

An IT operations automation strategy can help you improve processes, increase quality, save time and reduce costs, deploy new applications and services faster, manage IT infrastructure more efficiently. We can help you make installations, upgrades and day-to-day management repeatable and reliable.

When we utilised zero-touch configuration via an API to rollout a new SD-WAN, WAN and hybrid cloud to replace an extensive legacy MPLS network on behalf of a client, the site configuration savings alone saved them £180K of engineering time. Automating the ongoing management of the network serving its 700 sites reduced the volume of troubleshooting calls that had to be investigated. This equated to an additional annualised saving of £75K in engineering costs accompanied by a 30% increase in workforce productivity.

DevOps is not a technology, it’s a software engineering methodology that combines specialist practices and tools that helps organisations to build, configure and manage cloud and network infrastructure and data centres more efficiently, and with fewer risks. Featuring frameworks like infrastructure as code tooling and API interfaces, it’s an approach that enables us to replicate end-to-end environments and create test and staging environments or create a repeatable process for rebuilding the environment itself.

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