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Sophisticated, sustainable and automated technologies for enterprise companies. From global SD-WAN to digital transformation, our cloud-first enterprise business solutions are thoughtfully planned, simply deployed and expertly supported to ensure your data, users and infrastructure are secure, ultra-efficient and available at all times.

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Hybrid cloud

Do cloud computing right - not cloud first. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we’ll help you determine the right cloud adoption strategy for your enterprise business.

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Cyber Security

Our end-to-end in depth cyber security defence approach to hybrid cloud and IT infrastructure protects your devices, your people, your applications, and your data.

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We help organisations transform their WANs. So they can work smarter, more securely – and at speed with more secure, reliable and flexible wider network connectivity.

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Programmable infrastructure that jump-starts agility and innovation. From infrastructure provisioning to new capabilities, everything goes faster with development operations.

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Design & consultancy

Developed to get you to your target destination faster and with less risk, we help you accelerate value realisation and increase change effectiveness in your enterprise.

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Managed services & optimisation

From service provisioning to handling software updates to lifecycle management, our vendor-backed services deliver true business continuity, 365 days a year globally.

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Enterprise managed solutions


Our unique API deployment and orchestration methodology automates network deployment, so you can reach your networking ‘destinations’ quicker and at less cost. As a leading DevOps Infrastructure specialist, we help organisations jumpstart programmable infrastructure approaches across their environments, using automation to accelerate the provisioning of key resources and cut the cost and complexity of running IT infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure configuration and deployment
  • Service orchestration and resource provisioning
  • IT migration
  • Application deployment
  • Security and compliance
  • Operational monitoring and optimisation

API driven SD-WAN >

Api Driven Sd Wan
Why Sase


Work from Anywhere is the new norm. To remain productive, attract and retain talent organisations must – and users expect - to securely and seamlessly access their work from anywhere. At the same time the information we need is beyond the walls of your Data Centre, with systems normally spanning multiple clouds. Modern security needs to adapt to and protect and ever changing world of threats, while allowing secure access, while delivering a constant user experience. Our solutions can protect your full user population and IT estate, from endpoint, through network to cloud, including:

  • Zero trust network access
  • Secure Access from any device
  • Cloud Security
  • Network and perimeter firewall
  • Endpoint Security
  • Security Operations

Doing Cloud Properly

One of the many benefits if cloud computing is how easy it can be to spin up resources, but this can also be a major weakness. Many organisations have experimented, and maybe started to move workloads to the cloud without the necessary governance or planned approach. This can result in spiralling costs, security risks, and limited visibility and “moving to the cloud” isn’t a onetime deal – timelines are unique, and things change, both in your business, and what the cloud can offer. At Focus, we follow a tested and mature cloud adoption framework to ensure you are getting the most from the cloud. We start with “why” and build out a migration plan and cloud platform, that suits your needs and meets both technical and non-technical requirements.


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Honda is now connected by Europe's largest mesh wireless infrastructure and driving customer success, courtesy of Focus.

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Focus Group is a strategic technological partner to UniCredit, successfully implementing Cisco’s UC solutions.

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Brewers, with over 150 retail locations, streamlined its network services in order to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Who are we?

Established in 2003, Focus Group is proud to be one of the UK’s leading independent providers of business technology. Delivering sophisticated, sustainable and automated solutions for enterprise companies across the globe, we harness the power of technology to bring people together, wherever they are.

Our data centre, cloud, security and mobility solutions support business critical functions in the most innovative and demanding sectors, from genetic science to autonomous vehicles and space exploration.

From global SD-WAN to digital transformation, our cloud-first enterprise business solutions are thoughtfully planned, simply deployed and expertly supported to ensure your data, users and infrastructure are secure, ultra-efficient and available at all times.

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We are committed to ensuring Focus Group has a sustainable impact.

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Charity & community

We’re here to invest in our local community and create meaningful change.

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At the heart of our culture, is the commitment of our amazing people.

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