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Money Advice Trust Case Study | Focus group

As a national charity dedicated to helping people manage their money wisely, Money Advice Trust understands the importance of making sure that budgets work to the max.

With the help of Focus Group, today the Trust gets 'more for less' where its telephony is concerned - benefiting from reduced bill spend, enhanced services and support, plus impressive toll fraud protection.  

Money Advice Trust

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The Challenge

Founded in 1991 as an independent charity with the support of the government, the Money Advice Trust helps people across the UK tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence. Last year the Trust supported 1.3 million people via its telephone and online helpline services. 

Alongside its London head office, which is the primary hub for fundraising, marketing, communications and finance, the Trust's Birmingham office runs the organisation's National and Business Debtline services. 

With inbound call volumes to its Freephone 0808 helpline numbers on the up, getting call delivery charges under control was becoming a top priority for the Trust - its National Debtline service alone receives over 170,000 calls a year.

But that wasn't the only issue. Operating an ISDN 30 voice and data platform with multiple SIP trunk lines, expenditure on line rental was also spiralling out of control at Money Advice Trust.

"As part of a due diligence process, we asked an independent consultant to analyse our line usage, call volumes and rates - their findings highlighted we were paying over the odds with our current provider," explains Martin Nall, Head of IT "As an organisation committed to the principles of the government's Best Value procurement guidelines, we needed to find a supplier that could generate potential savings - savings which could then be reinvested to serve the growing national demand for our services."

Money Advice Trust Review for Focus Group
Focus Group has given us a more cost-effective solution that's backed up by exemplary customer service. Alongside maximising savings, they've ensured we were well prepared for any eventuality - that includes keeping our help line services up and running should disaster strike.

The Solution

Following a detailed tender process, Focus Group was selected to help the Trust reduce its line rental and call costs.

"Focus Group offered impressively low line rental and call rates, but that wasn't all," comments Martin. "They also helped us identify additional savings and efficiencies - eliminating lines that weren't being utilised for example - and offered us a dedicated management, provisioning and fault reporting service."

Available 24 / 7, Focus Group's service and customer support teams now manage all issues on behalf of the Trust, liaising with BT Openreach and other tier one carriers when things go wrong. As a result, this enables the IT team at the Trust to focus on more strategic tasks.

"Focus Group are responsive, professional and committed to demanding SLAs - plus they offered us additional value-added services that not only enhance how we operate but protect us from financial risk," continues Martin.

These services include the ISDN 30 Site Assurance option that ensures the Trust can instantly re-route calls to an alternative site should a disaster strike, within a pre-agreed timeframe, and SafeGuard Fraud Protection which protects the Trust's lines from organised toll fraud.

The Results

Today the Trust enjoys lower line rental and call costs, without compromising on quality. Annual savings amount to around 25% on previous telephony charges, plus Focus Group has alleviated the Trust of the burden of having to manage provisioning and fault reporting.

"I now have a single point of contact to deal with everything from billing to raising a fault ticket," confirms Martin. "Plus, Focus Group experts have simplified and streamlined our billing - allocating codes that relate to call types and departments to make financial analysis and reconciliation a much simpler process."

Inbound and outbound lines are now seamlessly managed, ensuring maximum continuity of service for users and callers alike. What's more, the Trust now has the peace of mind of knowing it's protected in the event its VoIP system is targeted by hackers looking to commit toll fraud.

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