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Blu-3 calls on Focus Group for cost savings.

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Blu-3 Case Study | Focus Group

Established in 2004, Blu-3 UK Ltd is a multi-disciplined civil engineering and utilities specialist company. Their services range from small works, repair and maintenance through to large-scale and complex projects across commercial defence, educations and industrial sectors.

Blu 3 have been with Focus Group for over ten years. When we first took over the account, the business had just 15 mobiles - they now have over 150 and are still with O2.

Blu-3 Civil Engineering

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The Challenge

The main issue when we took over the account was cost, and this remains the most important factor today. With an account that's continuously growing and has constantly changing technological requirements, it's crucial that Blu 3's account is regularly reviewed to ensure the costs remain low.

Blu-3 customer review
Blu-3 are completely reliant on mobile communication, so it's crucial that we have a provider that understands our needs and is able to give us a proactive and responsive service at all times'. Focus group always delivers in this respect, whilst at the same time keeping our mobile bills low. They are the best!

The Solution

After carrying out regular reviews and a detailed analysis of their existing bills, we offered Blu-3 a new tariff with 02, removing the need to switch providers. Several months after the rollout the client has been impressed with the cost savings, the account management and servicing of the account on a day to day basis.

The Results

The client has been impressed with the cost savings and the dedicated account management service it receives. Blu 3's mobile running costs reduce every year, whilst the funding they receive for new handset purchases increases.

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