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Honda gets connected with Focus Group to create Europe's largest mesh wireless infrastructure.

Honda Case Study | Focus Group

Industrial-strength global wireless environment delivers mission-critical communication between things, machines, databases, people and beyond.


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The Challenge

Maintaining 24x7 continuous operations across the complex 370-acre industrial campus while delivering mission-critical site-wide resilient communications. Connecting IoT devices that are transforming manufacturing systems and processes through a high-density wireless mesh.

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Knowledgeable, prompt to respond and passionate about what they do, we've come to depend on Focus to enable and support the innovative connectivity our operations depend upon.

The Solution

370-acre site-wide high-density wireless mesh centrally monitored, managed and secured through Cisco's Identity Services Engine.

The Results

The largest enterprise mesh network to be implemented in Europe. It transformed connectivity across the entire site for people, devices, IoT end-points and machines. Underpinned by Cisco's powerful ISE platform, Honda is now able to automate and enforce context-aware security access to its network resources and fully manage guest access with customised mobile and desktop portals.

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